Chit-Chat over Coffee - not sure what it will be about yet - let's just start typing and see!

I attempted to do a quick coffee talking post this morning before I left the house but I kept glancing at the clock, anticipating having to rush in to get ready so I couldn't concentrate and just called it a wash and didn't post.  LOL.

This morning's commute was AWFUL.  To the point where I was really happy I had a dashcam that records both front and back.  I even picked up my cellphone and held it up behind me and 'snapped a photo'  - not really caring if I got one or not but mostly wanting to show the asshole in the red Mustang that I had a photo of him.  I also reached up and 'adjusted' the camera so he would note that as well.   I was a bit shaken by him.  And thankfully he broke the law and gunned it and passed me and the 2 vehicles directly in front of me (on a hill, going around a curve) in a 40 mph zone and had to be doing 60 at one point.    I suppose it's not nice of me, but I wouldn't have been sad to see him crash his car into the ditch, the pond or a tree or two.  Not hitting anyone else!  Just him.  But I don't believe in karma... and guys like that never seem to be caught by the cops and get tickets either. 

I also had two people going around curves on the mountain that were so far across the yellow double lines into my lane that their tires were literally on my side and the yellow lines were at the 'half way' point of their vehicles.  They quickly got over at the last second but I swear - every single morning on my daily commute I drive watching the tires of oncoming traffic.  That's it.  Focus on the tires - so I am always prepared to do whatever I have to do to maneuver to save myself and the baby.

Twice a week I usually have people in my lane.  


At some point this week/weekend I need to get 2 photo books made.  It's so easy to get behind now that most photos are taken on cellphones and just 'live in your cellphone'.  Not like the 'old days' where you took pictures on your camera, got them developed and had prints to put in photo albums.  

I used to upload the photos and get prints made and tried to stay on top of this quarterly.  If you don't print out those photos, they are so easily lost or forgotten.  You also have nothing to hand down to your family.  Kids no longer have photo albums to look at of when they were babies, or pictures to jog memories of great times in the past.  They also won't have photos of grandparents, extended family members.

Blah blah.  But the point is... A few years ago I started to do quarterly photo books instead.  Every quarter I try to remember to make/design and order a photo book printed from one of the major printing companies that are always running specials.

I had gotten behind, and went in a couple months ago and designed 3 of them but they didn't have any good sales so I just waited.  It's a quiet time of year for photo printing and gifts so they were running a great 75% off special - so I ordered those three photo books. They should be here in a week or so.

I also went ahead and made the 'baby's first year' photo book I do as a gift for the new little ones born into our family over the past 6 years or so.  I had realized the Mama's had photos on their phones but again... no one does photo albums anymore.  So I made a photo book using photos I had been sent/texted through that year and printed a photo book.  

Somehow it became almost 'expected' now in our family - and the mama's are pretty excited to see the photo albums as they never 'get around to' making them themselves.

And I'm rambling on about this right now because I did finish the baby book and order it 2 days ago... but I'm STILL BEHIND on the normal photo books.  I told myself I'd be making my July-September and October-December 2020 books RIGHT NOW but instead, I'm sitting here sipping coffee and typing about whatever comes to mind.  LOL.

It's time consuming to make/design them but my goal for tomorrow and Saturday is to hopefully get those two photo books made and ordered.  And if I'm on a roll?  I'll even do the January - March 2021 book!  Then I'll be all caught up again and oh how I LOVE to be organized and caught up.