Coffee Talking: I had aspirations for today but ultimately... here I am. A long rambling post about my day and lack of accomplishments.


I think I put unreasonable expectations on my days 'off'.  Days when not only am I free as a bird, but Mr. Coffee will be at work, no one will be at or in my house and I know I the whole world is my oyster!  (Now I'm wondering where that phrase came from... because it really makes no sense but I know I'll fall down a rabbit hole of the origin of old phrases if I start to research it so, never mind.)  Where was I?

OH!  So the day before my day off I start to brainstorm all the things I could do or accomplish with my free time.

The night before my day off, I'll lay in bed and try to prioritize some of those things and make a game plan of what should be done, what needs to be done and what I want to do.

The morning I wake up on my day off I'll lay in bed a few minutes and dream of all the things I'm going to accomplish that day, put them in an order that makes sense and then...  I do get up but first thing is first:  COFFEE.

So I sip coffee, check emails and maybe read a few headlines.  I sometimes attempt to blog.

By then I'm on my second third cup of coffee and glancing at the clock.

I no longer wanted to run those errands. 
I no longer felt like calling to make two appointments either.  

I kind of wanted to stay home and get some online shopping done, design the photo book I need, and do some cooking and baking.

Once I made the decision to stay home I wasn't in the mood to design the photo book I needed, wasn't in the mood to cook yet so... I just kind of hung out.  I read some blog sites.  I ate some leftover chicken from last night.  I went outside and sat in the sunshine for a few minutes.  Put something away upstairs in the storage room.  Took down the sleeping cot we used for a guest. Checked the size and length of the curtains in a guest room and made a mental note to buy new ones.... OH!  And I took out more stuffing from that new pillow and resewed it again - hoping it's 'juuuust right' for side sleeping now.

You know, important stuff.

And in the end, I did not cook, bake, shop, run errands, get a hair cut by someone other than me, didn't make those two important appointments...

And now it's 3:00 pm and I've completely 'WASTED' this perfectly good day off in which I had such high hopes of accomplishment.

Instead, I'm really really sleepy and I'm considering getting my book, laying down in my bed and reading for 2 hours before Mr. Coffee gets off work.









What's important in life?

Hollywood celebrities... so, nonessential.


ME. ME. OMG... ME.

And well, this is me too!





















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