Covid and other Memes to Ponder Over Coffee

Although it's easy to make fun of people driving alone in a car... with their Wuhan virus mask on, it's also understandable that for people that are forced to wear them for 10-12 hours a day for work forget they are even wearing them. 

So while I'm grinning at this meme:  "If you're driving alone in your car with a face mask on, stay home, even after this is over...."   I admit, I caught my husband doing this!  HA!  He has to wear a mask at work (no choice in the matter) and after 10-11 hours, he completely forgets he has it on and got into his car and drove an hour home.  I saw it on his face as he drove up the driveway.  Yep, I had to rib him about it a little.  But... just a little.

I really DID chuckle out loud at this one....   
"How do you know if someone's vaccinated?"  "Don't worry, they'll tell you."
  "We're a special kind of stupid" - well, not all of us, but we are held hostage by the idiots and sheep that are a special kind of stupid but they currently wield the power.   

Ponder the stupidity of airport 'social distancing' when 45 minutes later you are jammed into tiny seats on planes like sardines for the next 4-9 hours.  Go ahead.  Ponder it.  


So so so much evidence.  HARD evidence.  Video evidence.  Photographs.  Screenshots.  In-person eye-witness evidence.  We are more concerned about a fucking football game than we are the integrity of the election of the highest office in our nation.

Go ahead.  Ponder that over coffee too.
I'm not one for 'going out' but this quarantine/social distancing meme pretty much sums up my "office" and "work" clothes.  They've hung in my closet for so long....