Creepy Joe reminds everyone to wear their masks because we can't risk anymore desks. Sigh.



 Dear CNN;  the only way you can't tell a baby's gender at birth... is if you don't look.  Yes, we are all either male or female and yes, it's easy to tell at birth.  How you choose to dress, act, live later on is all a horse of a different color.  Call it what you want.  But gender is biology.  And yes, we are all either male or female.  


 Oh Joe... your poor old brain.  Your poor old body.  But - they knew you would be addled enough to do whatever your puppet masters tell you to so the machines were rigged to change votes a specific percentage to pretend you and Whoreish won and the suitcases and boxes of fake printed ballots (often bearing the exact same name and address on a thousand of them at a time) were trucked in at 3:30 am to pretend you won.  You are a poor, pathetic little creepy hair-sniffing man... with a quickly deteriorating brain.

 "....Joe Biden stepped up to the podium for one of his typical, teleprompter-read speeches that last about ten minutes. That meant that his brain was going to melt at least one time, and it did, with the president proclaiming that we can’t “risk more desks” instead of deaths."




Workers at Emergent, the plant that has been making Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine, accidentally mixed up some of the ingredients, ruining as many as 15 million doses of vaccine.  (Emergent is also making the AstraZeneca vaccine which has yet to be authorized for use in this country.)  But we all know damn well that by the time pharmaceuticals admit to ANY wrong doing, it's been going on for a while and they always cover their asses before publicly announcing things so....  hmmm.  I'll just let you ponder that over coffee.