Dog: "If she had a man, I could stay home and sleep instead of doing this shit" - Chit Chat over Coffee - camping and hiking (not camping and hiking) and meme for those Amazon orders

I'm big on honesty so to be honest - this afternoon's coffee talking is actually the diet soda talking.  

I've not had a diet soda in forever (I honestly don't remember... it would have been in 2020 some time) but I was craving a diet cola and I was at the grocery store this morning so a small case just jumped in the cart.

So, let's chit chat over a cold diet soda.

This meme is SO ME.

Regular readers know my husband, Mr. Coffee refuses to go camping.  He isn't keen on sleeping in a tent - even when I tell him we'll drag along a folding cot - a good one - a comfy one!  He says no.  The one and only time in the last 15 (?) years he's camped with me and slept in a tent is when I took off with the dogs to "check out a new site I found" about 2 hours away and while I meant I was going to 'check out a new camping site' by camping overnight at it;  he thought I was going to 'check out a new camping site' by driving to it, looking at it and coming home.

So when he got off work late that night, and couldn't reach me by text, phone or snapchat; he freaked out, drove to the general area I said I'd be at, was driving around looking for me based on the last place Snapchat had showed me on the map... and found me around 1:30 am by finding my car.  He DID sleep on the floor of the tent with me that night - only because he wasn't going to drive all the way back home once he knew I was alive and hadn't been kidnapped or killed by a crazy person.

And I've WANTED to go camping SO BADLY over the last 3 or 4 weekends but I can't convince him to go with me (I do primitive camping... the less humans I have to see the better) and I'd have the dog with me... but I really want a human with me.  But for various reasons, I have NO ONE TO CAMP WITH ME.  So... it's me and my dog or nothing. 

I honestly thought perhaps I'd be camping today/tonight but honestly, I got so busy today I forgot!  Ha ha.  I just took a short break from all the tasks and errands I've been doing - and remembered.  It's almost 4:00 pm.  The place I want to go to is 2 hours away. I suppose I could hurry and try to get things gathered up to go but dang it.  I still have a bunch of stuff I wanted to do today.....

"Your package will arrive between 3-6 pm"   

Me at 2:pm....  ha ha!


I just had to place an order online from Amazon for some things I wasn't able to find locally at any retail stores this morning so in a few days this will totally be me!  





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