Frustration with the new "My K-Cup" reuseable cup not fitting your Keurig? It will! It's just a little confusing... how to make the new bigger My K-Cup fit your regular Keurig machine

When I was reading reviews for the next Keurig brewer I need to buy (soon), I saw a number of complaints about the My K-Cup that they send with most full sized brewers as well as the PLUS models;  "The My K-Cup " doesn't fit in the coffee maker!  Why did they send it!?  I'm sending it back!"  I didn't pay much attention because I've never had a problem with the My K-cups in the past, I've owned and still own several since we've bought so many Keurigs over the years, and I've also bought numerous other brands of 'reusable' and 'eco' k-cups.  They all fit.

But this weekend I finally think I understand where some of those complaints came from!  

Last night I was going to enjoy a cup of coffee and opting to grind my own beans.  As I was getting one of my reusable cups out, I saw a brand new, still in the box My K-Cup that came with one of the many machines that I hadn't even bothered to open yet.   I opened it and prepared to use it - thinking about how 'different' it looked from all the others.  It was larger and had an extra piece, almost like a handle.

I glanced at the paperwork that came with it and noted that if I had a PLUS SERIES brewer I'd need to buy an adapter to make it fit.  No worries.  My current Keurig is that regular 'coffee emergency' brewer I picked up on Easter morning (regular readers will recall).

I filled it, tried to insert it into the brewer like I have for the past 16 years we've owned Keurigs and... hmm.  It doesn't fit.

Now, I was talking to my husband during this time so I wasn't completely paying attention to the coffee.  I spun it around and tried to insert it, but it was still too large.  

Still not thinking about it, and listening to my husband tell me about his day at work and catching up with each other, I walked to the office and tried to insert it into that machine.  Nope.

I knew to remove the coffee filter casing already in the machines.  I popped that out.  But there was no way to fit this new My K-Cup into either of our machines. 

Still conversing with my husband, we walked back to the kitchen where I got out another eco-cup and used that to make my coffee instead.  As it was brewing, there was a lull in the conversation so I told my husband about the odd coffee conundrum.  Why would they include a My K-Cup that didn't fit?  And there was a big sticker on it that says you need to buy an adapter to use in the PLUS SERIES but mine wasn't a PLUS.....

THEN I realized:  maybe the sticker and the instruction manual were a bit misleading and not clear.
You don't have to buy an adapter.  It comes with the adapter you need for the PLUS series but you have to REMOVE IT for the regular Keurig Brewers.  And it's NOT clear because the sticker is right over the seam.

I simply sliced the sticker with my fingernail.
And twisted and pulled that extra 'handle looking' piece off.

There was the adapter.
NOW the My K-Cup looked 'normal'.

I went ahead and brewed a second cup of coffee.

I decided to post this for people like the reviews I was reading online that didn't realize the adapter was part of the piece they sent; but it was covered with a sticker warning them they need an adapter for the PLUS SERIES.   Just remove the adapter from your cup and it will fit the regular sized Keurig brewers.


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