... a guy "created" the ketchup mayo blend and he and Heinz are fighting in court over it? I was blending (making) and eating it back when I was a kid - does that mean I get to sue someone for stealing the idea from ME TOO?

Kraft Heinz 'Mayochup' dispute revived by U.S. appeals court


I recall my classmate/friend Becky mixing these together in 3rd or 4th grade to eat with fish during Lenten "fish Fridays" at school.  I preferred plain mayo with my fish (we didn't get the option of tartar sauce... we were a poor Catholic school) but I would mix the ketchup and mayo to eat with my French fries, which were always served with the fish.

So that means I was mixing 'metchup' blends and eating it with my fries back around 1979 ish and Becky was eating it with her fish back then. I've been eating it ever since - most recently about a week ago at dinner time.  

I'm thinking Becky and I are owed a portion of the proceeds from either this car salesman dude or Heinz.  Whoever wins.  Ya think?   

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