Hello darkness, my old friend..... ♫♪♫♬ (I'm singing to my coffee of course!) And... apparently I have a coffee prank loving ghost. Sigh.


Hello darkness, my old friend..... ♫♪♫♬ 
(I'm singing to my coffee of course!)

Speaking of coffee, my current coffee maker here in my office is copying its predecessors and deciding to make a second cup of coffee, after I've brewed mine.  And walked away.  And sat down at the computer.

The previous two coffee makers I had in here started to do it randomly and I probably blogged about it here on Coffee Talking (I'm guessing) so I ended up buying a new one and got a Cuisinart.  Once in a great while that one would start to do it too!  I'm sure I must have mentioned it here as well?  

It didn't do it every time; just enough to irritate me. I lived with it for awhile but the Cuisinart also didn't brew my coffee as piping hot as I prefer it (hotter than the normal human being wants their coffee) so a few weeks ago I switched it out with the Keurig in the kitchen as my husband uses that one while I primarily use this one.

So now I have a third brand coffee maker in my office and it's been fine for a few weeks but this morning?  SOMEONE INVISIBLE KEEPS BREWING A CUP OF COFFEE. 

I brew mine.  It stops.  I walk over and get my coffee (about 5-6 feet away from my chair).  I return to my chair and sit down.  I start to type again, and suddenly I'll hear the coffee maker start up and sure enough, it's splattering and splashing and brewing another cup of coffee. 

After the second time it played it's trick on me this morning, I put my travel mug under the spout before I walked away.

After I did that... nada.  Nothing.

I could see if one particular brand did this to me but now that I'm sitting here thinking about it... this is my 4th coffee brewer to do this; and the 3rd brand.

The first two were Mr. Coffee brewers.  We had two of them - I had one in the office, one in the kitchen.  When the one in the office started to brew a cup of coffee randomly (usually it would start up as I was walking out of the office in the morning, ready to leave...).   I got frustrated enough with the coffee floods that would ensue and pitched it;  thinking it was defective.

I replaced it with the second Mr. Coffee and bought a new Keurig for the kitchen.

After a bit the 2nd Mr. Coffee would do this to me.

I tried taking it apart to see what in the heck the issue was, but I didn't find anything.  Thinking it was the Mr. Coffee brand, this time I bought my Cuisinart.

When the Cuisinart started to do it, that's when I traded it out with the Keurig in the kitchen.

And... by the way, ever since I traded them out a few weeks ago, the Cuisinart now in the kitchen has NEVER EVER EVER BREWED A PHANTOM CUP OF COFFEE.

But the Keurig that I put in the office now does.


Saw this on social media.  Probably faked (as we all know most photos on the internet and magazines, heck even the news. are now).  But the clouds have been known to do some pretty crazy things, and I thought it was cool.   The stairway to heaven.  :)

And... sigh.
This much damage, chaos and hell already starting under his leadership and it's only been 2 months.

Everyone is watching and seeing the huge damage this loon is doing
but all the democrats and the main stream news are ignoring 99% of it and pursing their lips
closed and biting their tongue. WHY cover for him?  Because he's a fucking democrat and you don't want to admit he's dumber than a box of crackers?
The long term repercussions of this brain-addled pedophile leader we have are mind blowing.

The border is WIDE OPEN in the South.
But my friends in Canada can't come visit me...  well, they could if they went to Mexico first! LOL.