How random can I be, right? (I just sat and typed... and typed... whatever!)


I attempted many posts this morning but deleted them all.
I wandered around doing minor tasks, cleaning.  Nothing big.
I carried on a lot of conversations in my head that I know I won't say out loud.
I pondered a few things that needed to be pondered.
I researched some coffee makers.
I ordered some air filters because you can't find 30"X30" in stores.
I was in a completely bad mood and in a funk.
I got out the leftovers from Captain D's that I had food sealed and froze earlier this week... and ate a bunch of shrimp, fish and hush puppies; all of which are completely not healthy of course. (It was a 'gifted' birthday dinner by someone who does not understand that yes, even one meal of total grease and carbs is a 'bad' thing and throws me off for basically the next two weeks).

I finally made an online account for my OB-GYN - which I've refused to do for a year because I only GO once a year and don't need ANOTHER damn online account.  But I did because I hate talking to people on the phone and their 'reminder email' they send every 2 weeks begging me to make an online account said you COULD MAKE APPOINTMENTS EASILY ONLINE.  So I did - including the hassle of the security phone call with a code, blah blah.  And I get it all done and click on the "make an appointment" button only to find out "Sorry!  We are not set up to take appointments online but you can call the office...."  GRR.  This is truly the only reason I signed up online.

I needed a break and opened the front door to gaze at the beautiful dogwood trees that are in bloom.
Then I thought about cutting away the thick intrusive vines that are growing around my favorite dogwood and killing it.  So I donned the big rubber boots (it's been storming for two or three days non-stop now) and some new clippers and headed out.

Before I knew it I was clearing a bunch of scrub brush, briars, vines and those awful sweet gum trees.  I met a couple HUGE spiders - so large that I gave them wide berth as I was in their territory now... 

And I kept imagining my body crawling with ticks.  

Even now I'm constantly twitching at every little itch and little hair that moves and thinking it's a tick.  I really just need to go shower so I can relax a little.

Then again, I won't know if I have a tick in my scalp until after it bites me and sucks enough blood to feel like I have a wad of chewing gum stuck in my hair.  But every 20 seconds or so I swear I might have one in my ear, or climbing up my arm under my shirt, or maybe a couple went up my shorts. 

Yeah, I just need to go shower.  LOL.

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