I meant to get here this morning but I kept getting side-tracked. 
Here I am. 
It's 2:30 pm.



So this morning I'm be-bopping around the net and landed on a blog that had this posted.  I'm a little late to the party because, heck, I'm not actually ever invited, but since it was my first time seeing it, I decided to play.
Even though it's April.

It was kind of fun.  The first four words you see are your focus words for 2021. 
The woman whose blog I saw it on (not the one listed on it) had a 'not so great' first word she saw.  LOL.  Funny, but not exactly inspiring.

Mine were pretty inspiring I think.  I'll post them below it.
Be honest!  What were the first 4 words you read....


Mine were....



Since this was a New Year's Meme and it's now the first week of April, I can say in hindsight that yes, 'change' 'purpose' and 'gratitude' are indeed playing out in 2021 for me so far.  I've not had 'miracles' yet but I'll remain hopeful. 






who was and who is and who is to come."



I had to smirk when I read Ms. Greene's list of 'was it''s as to the reason she was suspended from Twitter last weekend (they later said oops, it was a mistake... BS! But whatever).  I smirked because "Or how about calling out Ilhan Omar?"  is EXACTLY WHY I WAS SUSPENDED BY THEM!  LOL.  Except I took the opportunity at the time to pretty much say "fuck you Twitter" and never went back.  

It was about two (?) years ago.  I called her out calmly and matter-of-fact on an all-out lie she tweeted.  Apparently the Twitter bird-brains don't like anyone spreading TRUTH on Twitter so they suspended me.  I don't recall for how many days - and they said I had to verify my phone number and jump through some other hoops to get back in the game.  I said "fuck you" and never went back.

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