It's Just the Coffee Talking... about my coffeebrewer. (The latest update on the Keurig Compact that just isn't cutting it in this household!)

I still hate the coffee maker.
Its little irritating quirks have gotten worse.

So now I have to hit the power and wait wait wait before the buttons will light up and flash so I can put in a k-cup and choose a size. 
If I put the k-cup in and close the lid too quickly, it can't think so it will just sit there and the buttons won't flash so I have to open the lid again and close it again to remind it a human is standing here waiting to make some coffee.
Then I often have to push the brew size 2 or 3 times before it will 'take'.
Then wait for the machine to suck up the water.
And wait again for it to heat it.
Aaaaaand then wait for it to brew.

I hate the auto-off function but you can't override it or turn it off on the Compact model.
I hate waiting for the water to load and then heat for every. stinking. cup.  

This morning I did some research and thought since I didn't want to buy another Keurig, Mr. Coffee or Cuisinart, that perhaps I'd try the new Instant Pod brand (makers of Instant Pots).  I've looked at them in retail stores twice but I'm not a fan so I didn't choose to go this route yet.  But... desperation makes a girl do things she doesn't really want to, right?

But then I read a review that said it has an auto-off feature of 30 minutes as well!!!  WHAT THE HECK?  NOOOOOO!  Who in the heck thought it was good idea to do a 30 MINUTE auto-off?  30 minutes is right around the time I'm brewing my next cup.

That was a deal breaker for me since I didn't want to buy it anyway and was kind of sad that I might have to.

In the end, I've found the coffee brewer I think I'm going to buy...  but I can't get it in any store near me.  

Target, Best Buy, etc. only have a ship option for this particular model and color:  Keurig K-Elite in Brushed Gold (this link is to Amazon).

Yes, it's another Keurig.  Sigh.  How many is that now since 2005?  15 of them?  Ha ha.  I don't know.  But I'm fairly sure this will be the next one.  If it were available IN a store near me today, I'd have gone out to buy it this morning when my little Keurig Compact got on my last nerve.  

(For those not familiar with the backstory - I only bought the Keurig Compact because I had a coffee emergency and had to run out to find a coffee maker on EASTER MORNING.  One of the only stores open was of course, Walmart and my local Walmart had very little to choose from but had a million of these Compact versions in stock - and only $60.  So... there ya go.)   It's FINE for someone who only drinks one or two cups a day. But I need a coffee maker with a large water reservoir, that keeps the water HEATED AND READY TO GO so I can brew quickly and brew back-to-back but also, needs to NOT HAVE AN AUTO OFF that can't be turned 'off' or over-ridden.  





















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