It's Just the Coffee Talking... Delivery Woes - how did our delivery system become crap? FedEx, USPS, UPS and Amazon... all of them

I think I already may have mentioned this when it was more recent but it's in my files and I chuckled because delivery issues are still there are probably not ever going to get better.

Funny  (not funny) because I recall reading - not too many years ago now - of all the issues and problems other countries had with deliveries.  From the mail to private companies, they never knew if things would arrive, things would be stolen, damaged, etc.  The delivery drivers would steal, the postal workers would steal, things would be smashed and no one would take responsibility.  

I thought "Boy I'm SO glad we can trust our delivery systems here in the United States!" 

But around 2012 things started to go South.
The country had really started changing by then.  In many different ways.
None of them good.

By the time the Covid pandemic drama hit the country it pretty much all went to crap.

Currently I don't have any major issues surrounding a delivery - perhaps because I try to rarely order things online unless I have to.  But I DO have 2 items that are apparently sitting somewhere either in the state NEXT to me OR maybe in my state (no one knows) that supposedly the USPS has... but again no one knows.  They were due to be delivered last Wednesday but no one knows where they are.

The reason I'm not concerned about a delivery driver taking it is because they are photo books.  Personalized photo books made from the photos I've taken and had printed.  So... I'll wait.  Because no one is going to want those but me.

BUT my neighbors are still having issues upon issues.  Currently a neighbor has had 2 deliveries of car parts never make it - although FedEx TELLS HIM they were delivered to his house on the porch.  He was home all day waiting for them.  They may (or may not) have delivered but it wasn't to his house for sure.  Another woman ordered some items that also were marked as delivered by FedEx - again, she is home full time and was waiting.  It says "porch delivery" which is a lie.  She never got anywhere with anyone at FedEx taking responsibility or caring so she had to contact the company (a family owned company that makes gifts for grilling/etc.) and they sent her out a new one.  That one ALSO was marked by FedEx as delivered...  it never was.   So she canceled the order and ordered something similar from Walmart.  They shipped it perfectly within 2 days and used UPS.  

This week, driving home I saw a food delivery from HELLO FRESH left literally in the street, next to a mailbox.  The houses on our street are far enough back and often are 'winding' with trees so the homeowners cannot SEE the mailbox from the house.  So this cold food delivery was sitting in the street... which may or may not have been stolen before the homeowner arrived to search for it.  Just one of a hundred more examples.

Unfortunately the contracted part time delivery drivers in this area that handle much of the work are the ones stealing, delivering to random houses, tossing boxes into ditches and marking them delivered, or leaving the boxes literally in the streets.  FedEx doesn't care because during COVID they had to hire anyone (and I mean anyone) that was willing to apply.  Just got out of jail?  No problem.  Drugs? No problem.  Many only worked a couple weeks; enough to steal a ton and then quit.

But I'm getting off topic.

Topic is... delivery drivers suck.  And they lie.  OH HOW THEY LIE.  LOL.


This is just ONE random example of one of my liar-pants.

Amazon delivery driver who looked into my security camera, laid the package at the back door near the garage and then still had the guts to mark the delivery as HANDED DIRECTLY TO A RESIDENT.   LOL. 












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