It's Just the Coffee Talking: the dream that stays with you all day and parents in Vail vote out the missing school board and vote in a new one to pass a 'no mask' mandate

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

So this morning and today is all wrong.  Just... wrong.  It started off weird and 'off kilter' a bit and since then, just more of the same.

Nothing catastrophic... just weird, strange, off, irritating, frustrating, or whatever.  Just nothing really pleasant, good or positive!  Gah.

You know when you wake up from a dream that 'stays with you' all day?  That's how my day started - with a crappy dream.  Luckily I got a message on my phone from someone at 6:30 am that literally woke me from the dream.  But... the overall feeling of the dream persists.

Then I've had little but aggravation all day.  One thing after another! 

I did find a news article (video actually) that made me smirk.

The parents in a Vail school district converged upon a school board meeting to force the board to discuss the mask policy.  The board refused to hear the parents so they literally walked out of the meeting.  All of them.

So?  The parents voted them all out - voted in a new school board and voted to remove the policy completely.  I love when people take back the power.    (I have a 70's "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" chant in my head now.  LOL)

Vail School Board Flees, Parents Elect New Board, Vote To End Mask Mandate



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