It's Just the Coffee Talking..... "We can now say that human beings have flown an aircraft on another planet"

"We can now say that human beings have flown an aircraft on another planet"

"NASA’s miniature robot helicopter Ingenuity performed a successful takeoff and landing on Mars early on Monday, achieving the first powered, controlled flight by an aircraft over the surface of another planet, the U.S. space agency said."

I'm procrastinating starting my day so I skimmed news headlines - ignoring all those fueling nothing but hate, violence and crime (Maxine Waters, I'm talking to you) and saw we've now successfully flown an aircraft on Mars.  It's basically just flying a drone... but on Mars.

When I was watching the video I couldn't help but fight myself - I'd swear I was watching a video made by college students in the Utah desert.  LOL.  That or watching a scene from a Star Wars movie.

I did find it interesting that in order to get flight from a drone on Mars they had to make the rotor blades spin 5 X's faster than they do on Earth because of the difference in atmosphere.

"To accomplish all this, the helicopter’s twin, counter-rotating rotor blades needed to spin at 2,500 revolutions per minute — five times faster than on Earth. With an atmosphere just 1 percent the thickness of Earth’s, engineers had to build a helicopter light enough — with blades spinning fast enough — to generate this otherworldy lift. At the same time, it had to be sturdy enough to withstand the Martian wind and extreme cold."



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