It's 54 degrees in my house... and the Terminix company NEVER EVER calls or emails to let me know they are coming - WHY? WHY? They have my contact information!!!

 Updated at the bottom...

It's that crazy time of year when the temperatures go up and down like a roller coaster.  We had a short time span of really unseasonably warm weather and found that the house heated up enough we had to turn the A/C on.  That was all fine and dandy but then it turned cold.  So the heater had to come on.  

Back to A/C last week and I didn't want to play that game so I left it and just rode out the fluctuation with space heaters, shorts, fluffy socks or layers as needed.

And then it got cold.  Really cold.  Freeze warning cold.  Like, plants dying off cold.  But I figured I could tough it out.  And Mr. Coffee never touches the thermostat for some weird reason.  He'll freeze, he'll die of heat, he'll suffer and yes, complain to no end to me but the man just won't walk over to the thermostat and change it?  So... anyway, this week, it's been cold but I didn't touch the thermostat.  

But the last two mornings it's been SO SO SO cold when I wake up.  I don't want to get out of bed.  I lay there.  Snuggle down deeper in the covers.

Yesterday morning I came thiiiiis close to turning on the heat but was determined to hold out because after a couple days of this cold snap, we are warming up again.  As in... 70's.  

But you guys, my house was 54 degrees this morning.  And so I donned my puffy down vest while my coffee brewed; I turned on the space heater by my office chair and then I caved.  I went to the thermostat and turned it over to heat.


Granted, it's only set for 59 but there is a huge difference between your house being 53/54 degrees and 59 degrees.  59 feels almost balmy once you reach that temperature!  And by the time it makes it up to 59, the sun will be completely up this morning and the temperature outside should be rising a little bit as well.


I was getting ready to go get presentable to see humans as I had a Terminix guy coming between 8-10 am to do the annual termite inspection.  

Background to what I'm going to say next: 

This company never ever ever calls me or emails me to let me know they are coming.  Their computers would apparently robo-dial but they would never leave a voicemail.  The ID would read 800-Service which is what MANY companies use as an id.  To find out if they are coming I have to randomly log into the Terminix website and check for 'upcoming' appointments.  (I canceled their pest control 2 years ago and use a different company but we still let them do the termite inspection) and sure enough, come December I have to keep randomly logging in to see if and when they are coming.  Sometimes December.  Sometimes January.  This year it's April. WTF?  Whatever.  So... background is they make ME work to figure out when they are coming even though they HAVE MY EMAIL AND MY PHONE NUMBER and they email a receipt IMMEDIATELY after they leave so I know they know it.

I checked a few weeks ago and saw it was 'April' this year.  I wrote it down on my calendar.  I've checked off and on every 4-5 days because they are notorious for changing it and of course, not letting me know.

Just now I started to post about how they were coming between 8-10 am because as of yesterday, that's when they were still slated to come.  I decided to check one more time... and BINGO.  They did it again.  

Now it says between 3-5 pm.  Seriously!?  JUST FRIGGIN EMAIL OR CALL TO LET ME KNOW.  This is part of the reason I dumped them as quarterly pest control after 6 (?) 7(?) years.  They wouldn't tell me they were coming, they would change the date, the time, they wouldn't show up and I'd log in to see they changed it to a day or two later - literally right when they should have been at my house.


As of last night it was 8-10 am which was fine; early and get it done.  But now they are coming WHEN I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND ERRANDS TO RUN.  



5:00 pm

I stayed home today - which wasn't hard to convince me since it's the day before Easter and heading out to the store(s) today would be, uh, not fun.  So waiting on the Terminix guy kept me at home.

Remember how up until last night they were coming between 8-10 am.

This morning they had changed it to 3-5 pm.

As of right now it's 5:00 and it still says 3-5 pm and they haven't completely canceled online or rescheduled yet.  Heaven forbid they should update me the polite way and either call, text or email.  They have all my contact information and we've been customers since we moved into this house in 2011.  

But no.

So I log into my account online and hit 'refresh' 'refresh' 'refresh' and now it's 5:02 and it still says he's coming today between 3-5 pm.

My husband is laughing at me.   By 4:00 today he was saying "Yeah he ain't coming..."  

But me, ever hopeful and giving the benefit of the doubt continued the countdown all afternoon...

"He still has 37 minutes, he could still be coming."

"He isn't coming."

"He has 23 minutes!  It could still happen!"

"Yeah, he's not coming."

"They haven't canceled online yet!  He has 13 minutes. He could still make it."

"Ha. Ha.  He ain't coming."

"Dang.  It's 5:03 pm now.  But they still haven't canceled onli---- ok.  Fine.  He's probably not coming.  But I'm not giving up hope until 6:00.  Or until they change it online."


(By the way; if you are a long time reader of Coffee Talking then you might recall me dealing with 'no show' and 'reschedule without telling anyone'  SO MANY TIMES from 2011 - 2018 - because I'd sit here and bitch about it and blog while I was waiting on 'HOLD' for 2 hours to talk to a human.  They would often cancel, reschedule without telling me and NOT SHOW UP 2-3 times before they would actually come and do the regular, quarterly pest control visit.)  And THIS is why I fired them for quarterly pest control in 2019 and hired another company.  But kept the termite contract because it seemed easier to keep it with them than go through the hassle of switching.  But.....   )