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I've got Mondays 'off' and second coffee fresh and hot in front of me.  I need to get ready to run errands but first... some random chit chat.

Ever since I quit my 'office' job to relocate with my husband, I've missed working in an office environment.  I know... crazy, right?  Because yes it's sometimes frustrating and irritating and I would sometimes have to say an entire Rosary on the way to work to help me get through the day, or I'd find myself in tears of frustration on other days.  But seriously... I do miss it.  I LOVED working in an office environment.  Some of my co-workers... meh... Ha ha.  But I love working in an office and liked my position.

After we moved away - within about 2 months, my boss, the Executive Director, also resigned and moved out of state.  We had a small executive staff there - just 6 or 7 of us.  So two resigning and quitting/moving would have been big.  But then then another quit to work for another big name foundation.  And then another one left for another organization.  

When I checked their website later, I saw that just TWO of 'my' staff were still there; one was the person hired to take my place and the second was a person hired about 5 months before I left.  That, and the two groundskeepers/janitors that had been there forever.  Even the Accounting Director/HR had resigned and moved.

Boy, there must have been some drama going on!  Of course, I know all the people involved and the struggles and internal wars so yeah...  drama.

The next time I thought about my old work place I looked them up online and the Executive Director had AGAIN changed.  They were on their 3rd one now.  Serves them right as their previous choice was... weird.  Seriously.  

And the original staff I knew was now down to ONE LEFT.  Just one.  And then the 2 groundskeepers/janitors.

And finally, I think it was last Spring, I thought of them and looked them up.  And... even the groundskeepers/janitors are gone.

It must have gotten really, really bad for them to have finally bailed!  I think they worked there for like, 15-18 years.

And... they have yet another new Executive Director.  

Want to know the absolute CRAZY thing about all this turn over and drama?  That if we ever had to relocate back to that city and state, I'd gladly go back to work there!  











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