One of the reasons I choose to use Duck Duck Go as my primary search engine....

Sometimes I do have to use the big "G" to do a search but my first and primary search engine is always set to default to Duck Duck Go.  Duck Duck Go doesn't sell your information like the big Guy does.  Now this might not matter to you, and it mostly doesn't 'matter' to me but it bugs me.

As a person with a website, one of the many, many analytics available to me is that I can see what you've been searching for, where you've been before clicking on my site and where you go after you leave my site.

Do I ever do this?  Nope.  Because I don't care.  

I don't have any of those analytics set up on my site since I just want to come here and chit chat over coffee.  But... a lot (A LOT) of people do choose to use and view the analytics.  And for any site that is trying to sell you things or 'build' their readership/following, they are going to download and use EVERY analytic they can.  And they are going to study those results with a fine tooth comb.

Your data, your personal information, your searches, your internet usage and page visits are all tracked by the big *G*.  If you know this and don't care... that's cool.

But there are many out there like my parents, etc. that have NO IDEA how the internet works and that you are tracked every moment you are on.  (FB I am looking at you too).

The more you know, the more you know.