Some idiots calling for a Home Depot boycott over Georgia wanting people to show ID to vote & not marketing to people waiting in line... I made sure to place an order with them online yesterday AND shopped there TWICE this weekend! :)




It's time for a morning coffee break!  And because this morning was a little bit busier than the norm, I'm only on my second cup... so I guess this isn't the coffee talking; it me without much coffee!  

Skimming headline news this morning I saw this little gem on Reuters; Home Depot to face boycott over Georgia voting curbs.  

What a bunch of B.S.    

I think Covid quarantines and people having to stay home last year and into this year has made everyone go bat-shit crazy.  They LOVE DRAMA.  Even if you don't know the FACTS about something (anything) they are quick to go ballistic and start crap.  

I stand 100% behind having to show ID to vote.  Everyone saw what happened during our last election; two people NO ONE VOTED FOR are now elected.  Humans didn't elect them.  The machines have been proven to have had their software messed with to give Biden a 3% margin no matter the numbers.  One minute he's behind 40% and boom!  Early morning between 3-4 am suddenly the machines recalculate and he's winning by an exact percentage across different states.  

And the photos and videos and eye-witness accounts of suitcases and boxes off ballots being brought in back doors at 3:30 am in key states - all marked for Biden/Harris and up to a thousand at a time signed with the same name and address.  Some so badly printed they didn't even match 'real' ballots.

But fake 'water breaks' (with no problems found) got the bean counters out of the rooms long enough to plant the ballots - and others - all Republican over-seers were literally kicked OUT of the room or made to stand at least 10 feet away so they could not see nor read the ballots as staunch liberal Democrats who publicly hate Republicans and especially conservatives or Trump voters were doing the counting.

The "lost" military ballots - which are primarily Trump votes.  Never found.

Thousands of ballots found in dumpsters and ditches... interestingly all voting Republican.

The ho and addled brain old man, who didn't campaign, weren't seen hardly at all, couldn't get 8 people (literally) to come to any of the few rallies they held...  won.


And people want to boycott because Georgia is saying they want people to show id... and YES THEY CAN HAVE WATER WHILE WAITING IN LINE.  Idiots who are screaming they can't don't know what they are talking about.   The point is if volunteers are giving out free water/food in line - they CAN'T be marked and campaigning for any one party or person.

You have have NO campaign agenda or propaganda when you give out water and such to people waiting in line.

Honestly I didn't know about any call to boycott Home Depot (meh) but ironically, I placed an order online with them yesterday and I shopped there twice last weekend in their garden center.  And if there IS a boycott I'll step up my purchasing power with them and buy anything I need from them if they are offering it.   












Ponder over Coffee:

 The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them without doing anything.