Sunday Meme's - Dad's 'Guys Night Out' and the Men's Curling Team; Thank your Dad for you being born; Hitch Hiker Serial Killer....

I'm determined to accomplish some things today.  So I really need to go get some hair/makeup/clothes people can see me in done.  But first a quick post over coffee as I have about 30 minutes to 'waste' as stores won't open for a bit yet.
The meme above made me laugh.  Yes!  Nailed it!  The USA Men's Curling team looks like a bunch of middle class Dads who had a guys night out one weekend and ended up int he olympics.   I'm thinking this would make a great movie.  Remember "Cool Runnings" about the Jamaican bobsledding team?  

This meme just made me chuckle...  If you have a DAD you really should be thanking him for bringing you into this world, your MOM probably wasn't even in the mood.  

When I saw this next one I immediately remembered a book I read years ago - although I can't remember what it was called or even what the actual story line was!  But at one point in the story one of the main characters - a young, pretty teenager - was hitch-hiking.  A guy with less than honorable planned actions picked her up.  He was a serial killer who preyed on vulnerable female hitch hikers.  But the tables turned because she was a killer as well.   I don't remember any more of the book or the story but I recalled that much when I read this meme and smiled. 

We all saw the sort of 'school security officer' schools hired (like the asshole sergeant that ran away and never even went into the school or engaged the shooter at Parkland... btw that asshole got his JOB BACK last year with back pay after he got the Union to fight for him... a whole other post for another day).
But dude - you want to protect kids?  Don't hire pansy-assed candy cops to do the job.  Hire some armed Veterans.  These guys are comfortable around weapons (unlike rent-a-cops), love kids, love America and believe in fighting off 'bad guys'.