Sunday Morning Coffee Talk.... Azalea Gall, Daily tasks and My latest buys on Amazon - photos and links included; 30"X30" air filters, food vacuum sealers, Little Tikes ride on toys and Mike Wazowski shirts!

 Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Although I know a good number of people love to order online and have everything from their groceries to car parts to diapers to delivered; I'm not one of them.

I don't like ordering online because it causes me 'delivery anxiety'.   Frankly, you just never know if your order will be delivered, will be 'lost' will be screwed up, will be stolen by the contracted part time delivery drivers, stolen by porch pirates or arrive broken... or have something crazy shipped in place of what you actually ordered.  Too much anxiety for people like me who like precision, organization, smooth delivery and all my ducks lined up in a straight little row with everyone doing the job they are being paid for and doing it well.

We all know that doesn't happen!  So, it's almost funny that someone like me who hates ordering online, almost always has at least one online order coming at any given time.  This wasn't really true until China unleashed their virus on the world and the 2020 quarantines started and the 'shortages' of everything became widespread.  

Finding things in stock and deliverable online became a daily task and I guess it's just stuck around.  Many stores are still out of stock or low in stock of many items so you find what you can online, and honestly it's much easier.  You can click click click to compare colors, models, prices, reviews and in-stocks.  

So even people like me who hate to have things delivered, end up with almost weekly deliveries.

And that is where my head is morning.

I keep a paper tacked up in my office, next to the computer, with the word DELIVERIES scribbled across the top.  I list what company and items I'm expecting and if I have a tracking number with an expected delivery date, that is on there as well.  Since it's one of the first things I glance at in the morning as I'm sipping my coffee, it's on my mind.

Today I only have 2 companies left for shipments coming this week.  Snapfish and Home Depot.  Everything else has arrived safe and sound.

My Amazon order was split up into 3 parts but all the deliveries came through without issue last week.  Ah, for my delivery anxiety that takes a weight off my chest.

I DID actually shop for these items locally before placing an order online.

I needed some frosting tips for a birthday cake I'm making in 2 weeks, a new food vacuum sealer, a Monsters Inc t-shirt, food coloring, a birthday gift for a little boy, some hard to find 30X30 air filters and a few other items.

I did due diligence on the food sealer and I'm THRILLED with the one I chose.  I decided on a Nesco brand and although I didn't have the options for 'gentle pressure' or 'pulse' sealing on my previous sealer, I know now I never want to be without them.

Nesco Vacuum Food Sealer  


The Mike Wazowski t-shirt is actually the second one I ordered (from the same seller).  I found the same item on Target as the seller sells on numerous websites, but I wasn't sure what size I should get.  I didn't know if it was a cheap Chinese version in which you have to order 2 sizes larger than normal or not.  So the first one was ordered, I was happy with it but realized it was 'true to size' so I went ahead and ordered a second one in my real size.  I need it for a Monster's Inc. themed birthday party in a couple weeks and I'm happy with it!  It's also one I'll gladly wear long after the party is over.


Monster's Inc. Mike Wazowski t-shirt


I ordered some food items - including some zero carb/zero sugar protein powder.  I ordered a couple of them actually.  The vanilla version (I'll link here) is mine for baking as we eat primarily low carb and sugar free so baking isn't as easy as when you use flour.  Instead you have to use a mixture of almond flour and whey protein powder to get a product that comes close to a wheat flour based item.  So this is on hand in our pantry all the time but my husband works out and I buy him 'flavored' versions for his protein drinks.  I think this time I got him Chocolate Peanut Butter.  We also purchase the coffee version, strawberries and cream, cookies and cream, salted caramel and various other flavors.


Isopure zero carb protein powder


For a child's first or second birthdays I typically get them some kind of ride on toy for outside play.  Typically I'll go for the battery operated kind they push a button to ride and they go 2-5 mph but I've found the peddle versions get used just as often - if not more - because the other kinds can't be ridden if the battery is dead.  Mom and Dad have to remember to recharge it often, and not lose the charging cords.  This time around the little tyke is getting a Little Tikes (see what I did there?) Harley Davidson ride on toy. 

Harley Davidson Ride On Toy Trike


Although I'm not listing and linking everything in this week's order(s) one of the other things I HAVE to buy online is our main floor air filters.  We have an odd size of 30" X 30" that I have yet to find stocked in any retail store so for the past 9 years we've lived here, I've had to order online.  I used to be able to find them online at Lowe's so that became my go-to, but they were listed as no longer available so I had to go searching again.  Luckily I find them easily available at Amazon and they were actually about $20 cheaper for a set than I used to buy at Lowe's.  SCORE!


30" X 30" air filters


Now that you've had a peek into my world, albeit a boring one, I need to gulp or pour out the last of my coffee that I suspect is too cooled for me to enjoy, and decide what in the heck I'm doing today.  I really am in the mood to do a Costco or Sam's run... but not in the mood to spend the money.  Payday isn't until next Friday so really, I need to stay home and tackle of the tasks I've been procrastinating on!

I have a donation pile of boxes I need to do a final decision on and either 'finish' or pack away for a larger donation later on.  Clean, folded clothes to put away and hang up.  Dishes. Deciding and prepping dinner.  Putting up some freshly washed curtains. Trimming the azalea tree outside the front office that has picked up yet again that funky Exobasidium fungus that causes some of the flower buds and leaves to be thick, ugly, discolored putrid looking things.  (See Azalea Gall for photos if you wish).  I have to hand pick/trim them but I've put it off for a couple days because our azalea 'bush' is literally a tree and I have to  drag out the tall ladder from the garage and tote it to the other side of the house and set up in order to reach.

Not sure of my plans yet today but good morning hello to any of my coffee friends out there (even if you just regularly pop in to read and never comment... which is 99.99% of you!  Ha ha).


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