The Bellagio Queen Pillows - my latest purchase trying to find a comfy pillow!


Rise and shine!  Coffee's hot and I'm on my second cup.

Was up at 5:00 this morning when Mr. Coffee got up for work.  I was struggling with sleep anyway as my quest for a decent pillow continues.  I picked up a 2-pk yesterday at Sam's Club that I've not tried yet.  Ever hopeful, right?  These were Bellagio Hotel brand/style.  They seemed ok in the store so I'm trying.  

Welp - at first when I laid down last night they were awesome!  But I was laying on my back.  Very comfy and supported my neck well.  I was reading a book and was happy with the pillow but I knew it would be a problem for sleeping because I'm not a back sleeper.  I'm a side sleeper.  The pillows have too much filling for side sleepers.  The pillow tends to slide up away from the head - the shoulder and neck have zero support.  It doesn't mash down enough to support a side sleeper.

Sure enough. 

So this morning around 5:30 am - because I was up anyway - I sliced open one of the new pillows, took out some of the filling and sewed it back up.  I briefly laid back down with it to test it but I was wide awake and couldn't relax as I was ready to start my day so I'll 'test' it tonight.

I'm only removing some of the filling from one of them;  this will be my 'side' sleeping pillow.  The other one I'm leaving as is because it's so comfortable for a 'back' sleeper (my husband or a guest) and for reading in bed before sleep!


I found the pillows on Amazon if anyone is interested and you are not a Sam's Club member!  

 Bellagio 400-Thread-Count Queen Pillows, 2-Pack