The gift that keeps giving... and giving... my Keurig now wants to give me a mug AND a travel of mug coffee when I only ask for 6 oz.


This morning I put trust in my Keurig and pushed the 6 oz. brew button while the dog was trotting towards the back door to go 'out' for the morning's pee session.  I hesitated only briefly, but figured my mug was a huge sized mug so even if my coffee decided to do the 'gift that keeps giving' thing, I should be ok.  

I let the dog out, walked immediately back to the office and...  my coffee maker really wanted to be generous this morning.  My 14 oz. mug was literally filled to the brim and it was still doing a fast drip.  I have a travel mug and a roll of paper towels sitting there at all times now since I can't trust my coffee brewer, so the situation was under control (barely) but I ended up with a cup of coffee and half a travel mug of coffee to go.

Not drinkable of course since it was all made with one k-cup.  Quite watered down.

I walked my mug and cup to the kitchen, poured them out, let the dog in, fed her and then brewed a cup of coffee in the Cuisinart.  (Which has NOT given more coffee than called for since it was moved to the kitchen from the office).  

Coffee brewers only want to act up when they are in the office.

So today I'm thinking of heading to the store to pick up another (yes, yet another) coffee maker since this one clearly is now incapable of brewing a SINGLE CUP OF COFFEE without overdoing it every. single. time.

And yes... if you are wondering, apparently Walmart is open on Easter so... to Walmart I will go.

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