To bed last night around 11:00 and woke at 3:45-ish.  Read for a couple hours, drifted back to sleep for about 30 minutes and here I am!  Chugging a coffee and get ready to head out for the commute.

Does anyone else out there hate April 1st?  April Fools Day is not my favorite.  I hate jokes being played on me and I don't care for playing them other people either.  Once in a great while as a kid - to my siblings - I recall doing the rubber band on the water sprayer thing, and I think salt in the sugar... but that's about it.  I don't like being mean to people and I don't like people being mean to me... so April 1st tends to pass pretty quietly around these parts.

Chugging the last of the coffee....  gotta brew a quick cup "TO GO" and I'm outta here.  

Have a good day coffee friends!

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