Unexpected Text: "The US Census Bureau needs your help to understand COVID-19 impact" is it legit? Turns out it is.

On April 14th I got a random text that looked pretty scammy to me;   

"The US Census Bureau needs your help to understand  COVID-19 impact" Click this link to take a survey....

"Yeah, right" I thought.  Since when the does census people work for the CDC?  Figuring it for a scam, I deleted it.  

Today I got another reminder text telling me it was my 'last chance' to take the survey...  well, I have no intention of taking the survey, but it came in when I happened to be sitting at the computer anyway so I took a moment to see if the text was a scam.

Turns out, it's not.  It's totally real, legit and comes from the US Census Bureau.  They've decided to team up and help out by using their records to send out a text hoping people will take the "Household Pulse Survey" - which apparently asks questions regarding your job status and other household information in regards to the COVID-19 "pandemic".

How did they get MY number?  I don't fill out things, I like my privacy and I almost never get marketing or scammy texts or calls at that cell number.  

On its website, the Census Bureau said it randomly chose addresses to represent the entire population.

So, apparently my number was randomly chosen to receive the text from the census bureau to fill out the COVID-19 survey.  

I personally won't be filling it out, but if you DO want to fill it out and you are worried about your information being shared, officially, they’re required by law to protect your information and they state:   “the Census Bureau is not permitted to publicly release your responses in a way that could identify you.”

I'm thinking sending scammy texts to people right after there was a known issue of REAL scam texts going out to people claiming to be the census bureau (in regards to filling out their census by text in order to get a covid stimulus check) might be a really BAD IDEA right now - and maybe, just maybe, if they DID want to send out scammy sounding texts at random to people, they should have invested in a good marketing plan and news releases to let people know they were doing it.

But yeah... it's legit.  You can visit their website for more information.





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