Update to the Keurig K-Compact (it's... fine) and some random song lyrics

Good Morning!

Cup number two brewing.  I'm watching the clock.

Speaking of brewing - an update to the 'it's fine' Keurig coffee maker I ran out to buy the other morning during my coffee emergency.

It's... fine.

Still just fine?  Yes.  Just... fine.

It's not a favorite. If you missed that previous post, it's a K-Compact version and I needed a coffee maker ASAP on Easter morning and Walmart was one of the few stores open.)

Things to note:  

  • It does not stay hot and ready to brew.  It apparently heats water up for every single cup of coffee.  Now, you DON'T have to 'wait' for it to heat up before pressing your 6/8/10 oz. choice button - that is different on this model - you can put your k-cup in and press your choice immediately but you STILL have to wait for it to heat up.  It does not keep water hot but heats it individually for each cup.  Even when you are brewing two cups one right after the other.
  • It has an auto-off you can't change.  I believe it's 2 hours.  But in the past couple days I've gone to make coffee a few times only to find it's already shut completely off and I have to turn it on again.

It's probably a decent choice for someone's office.  A 'one cup a morning' kind of person or someone who doesn't drink a lot of coffee.  Also, no 12 oz. size for a travel mug.  Or a 4 oz. size for espresso.  Not an issue for me; I typically like 6 oz. the best.  

It's fine for now, as my emergency brewer needed on Easter morning but I do plan to get a 'real' coffee brewer soon.  Probably today or tomorrow.  I'll keep this one as my emergency 'back-up' so I don't have any Easter morning coffee brewer runs in the future!




I think I posted these a long time ago as I just took them out of my archives again this morning.  They are just a few of some random 'song lyrics'.   It think it was almost two (?) years ago, I had music playing randomly in the background and I opened the free 'paint' editing program on my laptop and started to draw little rectangle boxes and decorate them with a lyric line from whatever song was playing.  

I did a bunch of them as it was a fun, creative thing to draw/paint while passing a quiet night sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by books - but this was more fun.  


Dandelion... a million little wishes float across the sky






So long.  I wish you hell

Ready... set....   don't go

It's all over
and I'm standing pretty
in this dust that was a city
if I could find a souvenir
just to prove the world was here

If I promise you my love
could that promise be enough?
Would you wait for me?

Alone again,

She can handle any champagne brunch
A bridal shower with Bacardi punch
Jello shooters full of Smirnoff
But tequila makes her clothes fall off

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