When our 2nd dog passed, our first dog became NORMAL for the first time in 9 1/2 years! The amazing overnight transformation.

I don't recall if I shared that about 3 weeks (?) ago one of our dogs passed away.  Cancer.  It's been a long time coming and in the end it's a blessing.  The reason I bring it up is that for the first time in 9 1/2 years - our other dog is... normal!

Our crazy, ADHD, hyper, competitive dog is... normal.  And it's wonderful!!!  Seriously, the second she didn't have her sister to compete with, she literally turned into a normal dog overnight.  The dog that most people have - but we've never had.

This is the dog that has never in life WALKED anywhere.   I don't mean outside.  I mean in the house.
I mean... if she had to walk 4 feet away, it was done at a dead sprint.
My wood floors are scarred from 9 years of her nails digging in, scraping, scratching and sliding.  This is even with them being trimmed literally every 2-3 weeks! 

We've always joked that if you looked up ADHD IN DOGS... you'd see her picture as the example.
Her vet laughed at the joke, but agreed.

She inhaled her food and water so much so that we had to buy one of those 'puzzle' dog food dishes to slow her down.  She wasn't competing for food - there was more than enough for both dogs - and they didn't fight over food at all.  It wasn't that.  

It was her having to WIN.  To be FASTEST.  To be FIRST.



First to another room.
First to the door.
First to the pee-spot.
First to their beds.
First to the food.
First to the rug.
First to the window.
First to the spot 3 feet away.
First to get attention or pets from a human.
First to nudge the other out of the way.
First to lick on the people who come to visit (and first to get reprimanded by me; "NO LICK!")

The other dog was a runner - a retriever - and so intelligent she only listened to humans if she felt like it.
This dog is the follower.  So they HAD to be on leashes to go out to go potty because the other dog would look into the woods.  This dog would look too, but only to copy.  The other dogs ears would perk up at the sound of a squirrel or deer.  This dog would look at the woods, look at the first dog, look at the house... wondering what was going on?
The first dog's ears would perk up.  This dog would think "Oh, there must be something there?  In the woods?  But... I just want to go potty and go back to the house and eat!"
Then the first dog would start her 'stance' and this dog would think "Oh shoot. I think we're going to run instead of go potty and eat?"  And when the first dog would start to run, the ADHD dog would copy.   But she has to be FIRST! So the race was on.  TO NOWHERE.

And they'd take off.  

Racing each other but only one had a goal in mind.  This dopey dog had no idea where they were going what they were doing or why they suddenly took off running, but... she has to be first!  

The ADHD dog hates being outside.  She doesn't care about squirrels, cats or another animals except if they'll play with her. Everyone and everything is a 'friend'.  So she doesn't run - except if the other dog started it.  

She won't fetch and retrieve a ball to save her life.  The ADHD makes her forget she was even watching a ball, 1.7 seconds after it's thrown.  She'd start to run after a ball you throw but then half way there (or about 8 feet) she'll forget what she's doing and... "Oh look, a bumble bee...."

She would throw up her food and water after eating because she ate so quickly in order to win.
She would run in circles, not knowing what she was doing, just that she had to be moving because the other dog was.  She was constantly looking back and forth almost frantically, trying to figure out WHAT she was missing so SHE COULD DO IT FIRST.

The list goes on.

She NEVER relaxed. She was always so afraid she would miss something that she was always on alert, ready to jump up to be first.  

She was exhausting.

And the other dog passed and literally the next day... we had a NORMAL DOG.

Still just as sweet and happy and go-lucky as always but normal.  CALM!!  

She has no one to compete with.  When it's time to eat she sometimes does a brisk walk or 'almost' a jog but no sprinting!  And I've not used a leash or tie-out even ONCE.  She doesn't need them.  She goes out, does her job, or hangs out with us outside or on the deck and we don't have to worry she'll suddenly bolt.  

When I was working in the yard a couple days ago, she followed me out, stayed up on the ledge of the stairway by the door, watching over me, perfectly content to lay there.  I NEVER could have done that before.  She and the other dog would have bolted and ran through the neighborhood or through the woods and been gone up to 2 hours.  FOR NO REASON.  She doesn't even LIKE to run!?  She would much rather stay home.  She loves being IN the house.  She's one of those "let me lay around near your feet and I'm good" kind of dogs. 

But if the other dog was around... she had to be on alert and compete.

She listens to commands perfectly.  She's calm and wonderful around the little ones and babies - no more frantic competition with the other dog as to who can get closer to the baby or kids or who can lick them the most, etc.  She waits and sits patiently at the door when someone comes to visit - knowing she will get pets and attention.  

The anxiety level in the house went from 99 down to 12 in ONE DAY.

Without any other dogs in the house, she is the most amazing, wonderful, normal, happy, content, chill and calm dog. She's the dog I wish we could have had for the past 9 1/2 years!

(Background:  I saw her listed up for adoption by a woman who does rescues.  Our dog was abandoned as a newborn in a ditch on a back country road.  A woman going to get her mail found her and a second dog together.  When we went to see this puppy, I heard about the second 'sister' puppy found with her and we just couldn't break them up! They literally had been together since birth and survived together in the country ditches and woods... so the other dog was our 'bonus' dog.  That's how we came home with 'two' (2) dogs that day....)




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