It's Just the Coffee Talking.... Memorial Day. It's not just a "LONG WEEKEND" to enjoy.... someone had to remind our VP about that as well

  This is why you have a 'long weekend'.

Our VP Whorris had to be reminded of that after she tweeted this...
Social media jumped on her ass so she had to scramble to come up with something
later to say about Memorial weekend other than to 'enjoy it'.

Our fucking dementia-addled brained President wish is for everyone to 'stay cool this weekend, folks' while the woman who slept with married men to get her career positions tells everyone to 'enjoy the long weekend' - meanwhile... the real Americans remember and know WHY we have Memorial Weekend.

Creepy Joe at it again...

And Biden's PR team handlers after he makes yet another weird comment to a little girl....




It's Just the Coffee Talking: a good, short read - "Bloodletting" by Kate Wilhelm (an unintentional chit-chat post over morning coffee)

Good Morning.
This morning I woke and stared out the window; listened to a bird's call that I've not heard before, wondered about it before it soon flew elsewhere (that explains why I've not heard this one before; it doesn't live in our woods but was apparently just passing through), then, decided I didn't want to get up yet so I grabbed my book. 
The one I most recently started reading is called The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF.  That's a mammoth sized title, I know.
I'm only a few stories in, and a couple were 'meh' and one, I know I've read before - somewhere, at some point - but I don't recall where or when (I read like, 250 books a year so... yeah).  BUT there is one story in it that I thought was really good.  It's called Bloodletting by Kate Wilhelm.  

The story is not about an apocalypse, but how one starts with a pandemic brought on by a virus... (sound familiar?  2020? LOL) that is unleashed from the lab by accident.  The one in the story is spread after two different blood-types come into contact with each other.  The story is mostly though, told from a wife's point of view (her husband is the scientist who unknowingly unleashed the virus).  It's a contemplative, quietly told story from a female point of view that includes bits about her children and doing such random things as making them meals and shaving her legs.  (Although the shaving of the legs becomes a focus later on.)  She is telling her story quietly into a tape recorder as she sits in her car by the side of a lake after she realizes what has happened and what the future holds.

But I really didn't plan on talking about the story.  I wanted to simply mention it because I usually click on the 'about the author' (usually even before I read the stories) because I LOVE the 'about the author' pages.  Sometimes (many times) the interesting backstory of the author is better than the story.  But... I digress.  Where was I?

So her name is Kate Wilhelm.  And I love the name Kate (always have... it's a thing with me) so I decided on a whim to look her up.  It ends up she's been around a LONG time.  Started writing back in 1959 I believe.  She passed away just recently in 2018.  

I found a list of her books on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble but I wondered by I didn't find any mention of Bloodletting in *almost* any of the lists of her published stories that I was finding on the web. 

Because it's too short to be a stand-alone book it wasn't published as such; but because I thought it was a really, really good story, I wondered why it simply wasn't being mentioned at all... anywhere really.

I found it was originally published just once;  in Omni Magazine, June 1994 edition.   I don't believe (?) it's been published or even included anywhere else until the book I mentioned above included it.  Yay, I'm so glad they did!  It deserves to be read.  Yes, it's short, no it's not an action packed, violent or even scientifically detailed story.  It's not meant to be.  Instead, it's just a well written story of how a pandemic starts and one wife and mother's view of events when she realizes what has happened and how she played an unwitting part in it.
And the only reason I ACTUALLY ended up writing about this story and author this morning isn't because I planned on rambling about the book or the story.  But simply because when I looked Kate's bio up this morning - just out of my own curiosity, I realized she almost shares a birthday with my father-in-law.  Their birthdates are only a couple days a part - same year.  She's passed on already, but my father-in-law is still celebrating birthdays (for now).

Kate Wilhelm would have been 93 next week.


CNN was called out for all the connections and 'so and so in bed with' (often literally) between them and the Obama administration.  Now, another sketchy administration and more connections.  


By the time we muddle through a couple more years with Creepy Joe (otherwise known as Dementia Joe or even 'the big guy' if you are China...) as our President, someone is going to have a lot of awesome quotes to write a book with.
Another Biden quote:
"So the best way to get something done, if you, if you hold near and dear that that, you uh um, like to be able uh... anyway."



Some anxiety with my morning coffee.... :)


Good Morning Coffee Talking Friends!

I need to get started on some tasks like balancing the checking account, paying bills, making a budget; but my eyes aren't working yet this morning so... more coffee it is!  Hot, strong and black... hoping to clear away the last of the sleepy-blurries.

The last two nights I've not slept well - anxiety.  About what however, I don't know.  I can't put my finger on it.  But it's there.  Even during the day.  I'll be busy and all of a sudden it washes over me... a feeling of... I don't know.  And it's woke me up 3 times each night, almost in a panic; which is pretty sucky because I've been sleeping great lately!  I was so happy I've been sleeping so well for almost a month but now, something is bugging me; daytime and nighttime - I just have no idea what it is. Yet.


The 'victim' thinking started about 10 years ago... now we have a whole generation that thrives with that way of thinking; which only leads to a feeling of entitlement and free 'stuff' - couple that with a woeful lack of education and knowledge about things that are important and you end up with...


Aww.  The well funded terrorist behind BLM could only buy FOUR houses before she was called out for it and is resigning. 


The "FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS" page over morning coffee.......

Good Morning!

Remember yesterday when I said I clicked on something "really quick" at Amazon but then fell down a rabbit hole and that I would tell you about it tomorrow?  That's today, and here is the deal....

So yesterday while I was simply clicking on one little thing at Amazon, I saw a little blurb for Father's Day and the suggestion of an engraved photo wallet.  Hmmm.  They were kind of cool.  And although I'm not looking for a Father's Day gift right now, I did tuck the idea away for a birthday or Christmas gift for some of the guys in our family and extended family because I really do think some of them are cool.

And that is how I got the idea for this post - an idea for my readers for Father's Day!

A photo wallet

There were all different sellers, with similar items - but all different items as well.  Some were the look of engraved, but others actually had a photo on them.  Some in black and white, others in color.  


 Some of the versions offered sayings on the wallet or inside it - a phrase or quote you could personalize.  The best thing is that the wallets were actually made so you could use them - they didn't just look cool but they had plenty of little pockets, a place for your driver's license and some of them even offered a small zippered compartment.




While I was down that 'rabbit hole' and couldn't get back here to post morning coffee, I ended up on their gift giving page and honestly, some of the ideas were pretty good - but I never would have thought of them myself.  Seriously.

I think the window bird feeder is a great idea for someone like my father-in-law (an elderly man who lives by himself and loves watching the birds out his big picture window).  The chocolates and cookie gifts are given often... but not by me.  It's another gift I just don't really think of to give.  NFL travel cups, gamer themed gifts, camping gear... a lot of great ideas.  You can find them at Amazon's "Father's Day Gift Shop"



 And now... back to coffee.




Good Morning!

I came here intending to chat over morning coffee but I clicked on one little thing at Amazon and then I was lost down that rabbit hole.  I only got drawn out of that little click trance because I heard the school buses coming down the road and glanced at the clock - they seemed awfully early. 

And they were.  So now I'm wondering what the deal is because they were running a full 20 minutes early for the first one and 11 minutes early for the second one.  That's kind of a big chunk of 'early'.

But while I was looking at some items online, I saw a couple things I'm going to go back to when I have more time as they are some good gift ideas.  Like, I am considering them myself; so I'll probably do a post on them.  Maybe this week if I get time as it takes a chunk of time to research, and to build on the links, etc.

I have 39 seconds before my "HURRY" last call alarm goes off to throw on clothes and makeup and get myself on the road so this is my quick 'hello and goodbye' sentence...  and thanks for popping in coffee friends.  I'll have more for you later!!!

If this President were Republican, there would be outrage at how incompetent he is but instead...  media silence.  

"But, uh, there's you know, there's to be, you know, beginning, uh, this effort for 2021 is, uh..." - Biden

Modern Day Socialist-wannabes have NO IDEA WHAT SOCIALISM IS.  No really.  They aren't learning Socialism, Capitalism, Marxism in school - they get their information from celebrities, social media and politicians like AOC who ALSO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOCIALISM IS.   Damn idiots.


Spending $200 looking for one $3 item... ha~~!!

Good Morning Friends!

So yesterday I had the day 'off' and fully intended to run an errand for one item we need - that I have to drive into the 'big city' for - which is a pain in the backside traffic pattern at one particular place where 2 interstates and a crazy cross-pattern all merge. 

You have about 2 or 3 seconds to merge over 3 lanes to the right - while everyone else is either getting off, getting on, merging as well, or going straight.  It's a huge mess, and a known spot that EVERYONE hates.   And just the thought of it was pissing me off.   On top of that, I was berating myself a little bit for driving so far, wasting the gas, time and just 'driving that far' in general for one particular item we certainly can live without.

As I was starting the drive there, I got to a point of 'decision' making and decided to try to find the item closer to home.  Now, I've already looked for this item locally and semi-locally.  I've looked off and on, have never seen it, but have looked very diligently (again) over the past couple months.  However, there was one store that is known for carrying some odd, difficult, local, etc. items so I changed my plans and went there.

The item I want is about $3.

They did not have it, but by the time I left the store I had found a few other items and when I checked out my total was $98.


But wait, it gets better!

As I was finishing up looking for it, I got a request from one of my daughter's to meet her at her local Walmart and shop/errands with her.  I said sure.  I was almost done anyway, I'd just check out and head her way. 

I met up with her at Walmart and even though I was in somewhat of a hurry (I still had my groceries in the car - in a cooler bag - but still in a hot car) I managed to check out with a few items and my total was... $97.

So by leaving the house to look for this one $3 item - WHICH I NEVER FOUND - I spent $200.

I'm chuckling at myself.

Next time I really need to just drive the 45 minutes to the ONE PLACE I know I can get this $3 item (can't be ordered online either).  In the long run, I would have saved $190.... even with gas. Ha.




Noah's wife asks me to look out for her mother....




The Flat Earth Society is happy to let you know they have members from all around... the globe.

Closed caption TV counts as homeschooling, right?

I identify as Covid vaccinated. 




I don't know if I believe anyone dreams in black and white.

Good Morning -

I woke this morning from a dream of going to Sam's Club and realizing I forgot my wallet at home.  The night before, the 80's singer "Samantha Fox" was in my dream hanging out with me and it was circa 1989 or so.  The night before that, I had spent the whole dream in my pink pajama pants with a pale yellow t-shirt on... I don't recall the dream but I do recall what I was wearing in the dream because of the colors and the fact that I was wearing my pink pajama pants in real life too.  

Once, as a kid, I read a 'fact' that said most people dreamed in black and white.  That 'fact' had always stuck with me because I've never in my life dreamed in black and white.  As far back as I can remember, my dreams have always been in color - and I've usually remembered my dreams upon waking.  I may lose the memory later that morning or that day if I don't think about it or didn't care about it - but most all my dreams are remembered at least a bit.

I don't know if I believe anyone dreams in black and white.  Why would you?  Your brain comes up with dreams based on snippets of things you've seen, heard, thought; people, places, things, yada yada and all that is in color.  How would your brain turn 'off' seeing and thinking (dreaming) in color when your entire existence is in color.  Wouldn't you dream what you see?  What you know?



Pondering over Coffee:

Evil is no longer hiding.
It's right out in the open.
And in many cases, being celebrated.
What does that mean for us?  What does that mean for our future?




Smiling over Coffee:   The reason Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet was because nobody was married.




Items related to todays post available through Amazon;

When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep


Dreaming in Color: The Cutest Sticker Book Ever!

Just Love Women Plaid Pajama Pants Sleepwear 


It's Just the Coffee Talking: Is it weird I'm pretty excited about two 'kitcheny' items today? I ordered some Tattler two-piece canning rings and lids; I also have a FoodSaver Jar sealer expected delivery today.

Good Morning Coffee friends!

Today... I have a delivery expected I'm hesitantly excited about.  It's a Foodsaver Jar Sealing kit.   I've wanted one for about 6 years but it was never in the budget or priority - then when I was ready to buy it - they were out of stock.  Unavailable through all of 2020 and spring of 2021 because of Covid shortages.  

Just saw them back in stock so I ordered one (I ordered mine on Amazon although this morning I see FoodSaver has them back on their page now - when I was looking last week they still were unavailable.  Also of note: I just checked and Amazon raised the price to $54.99 this morning *the price fluctuates constantly*  but I got mine for $22.99 and they are $24.99 on the Foodsaver website). 

Also ordered some new canning lids yesterday.  Tattlers.   They are not 'new' but they are new to me.  I've heard people mention them through the years but never really was interested enough to spend the money.  I love the traditional metal lids.  However they were literally impossible to find all through 2020 and even now, into 2021 they are difficult to find good quality lids (NOT cheap Chinese knock-offs!).  They are two-part reusable lids and seals.  The gasket is separate and can be used numerous times.  The lids are pretty much 'forever' usable unless you do something seriously damaging like get it close to a burner and it melts or something.  They won't be delivered until probably late this week though.

I've got a task list waiting for me and I'm pretty excited about some research I want to find time to do today as well.  I know I should run some errands but I'm *probably* (?) not because I really want to stay home and research and work on a few things.

Good Morning to all my Coffee Friends out there!  Enjoy your morning coffee and enjoy your day!




Free Kindle apps to use for your Android phones, tablets and your computer.


Kindle for Android

Kindle for PC [Download]


Also - I mentioned the new Tattler Lids and Rings for canning I ordered.   They are 2 piece rings and seals that can be used over and over.

The damage by the Keystone Pipeline verses the permanent damage
of a lithium mine for hybrid cars...


Ponder over Coffee: Alex Marlow's "Breaking The News"



John Solomon, founder of Just the News and host of John Solomon Reports, praised Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption as a “must-read” book exposing previously unreported corruption and conflicts of interest across the news media industry.

“[Breaking the News] is literally an explosive bombshell,” Solomon stated on Thursday’s edition of his podcast. “[Alex Marlow] has done enormous research into the corporate corrupting ties [and] political corrupting ties of mainstream news media.”

Identifying political biases is only part of a complete understanding of news media corruption, Solomon held. He celebrated Breaking the News for revealing financial and personal ties between news media figures and issues they report on.

While introducing Marlow, Solomon remarked:

A lot of times we talk about bias in the news media, and there’s plenty of it to go around — factual errors — plenty of that to go around, but we’re going take on a different topic today in the news media, and that is outright corruption — conflicts of interest, corrupt business deals, business deals with foreign leaders — things that have been hidden from the public until our next guest dug in.

“His name is Alex Marlow, you probably all know him as the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News,” he added. “He also has a fantastic radio show on SiriusXM on the Patriot Channel, and now he has a new book that is a must-read, seriously, you have to read this. I thought I knew a lot about the news media. I knew nothing until I read what Alex had done.”

Solomon observed Marlow’s inclusion of 1,200 endnotes contained within 105 pages of source material in Breaking the News.   He said, “What I love about this book —  we have this thing called Dig In, and all of the notebook of the reporter is exposed to the reader, so when they read our story, we’re not asking them to trust us, you can go look at yourself — this book has 1,200 endnotes.”

Currently available on Amazon (here).





The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America  


One of the first questions rational people asked after the coronavirus arrived in the United States last year was simple: where did this disease come from? 

..... they told us what was, in retrospect, a completely ridiculous story. They said a seafood market in central China was, for reasons that no one ever explained, selling exotic mammals like pangolins, which somehow became a vector for infection. So the Chinese eat weird food; that’s why the world is sick.  That’s what they told us. In China, they knew that wasn’t true. They knew it very early. On February 6, 2020, right at the very beginning, scientists from the South China University of Technology uploaded a paper on the origins of the coronavirus onto the internet. They had a very different view of what happened. 

The virus, the scientist said, likely came from an animal called the Intermediate Horseshoe Bat. It’s interesting, they said, because there are no known colonies of Intermediate Horseshoe bats within 900 kilometers of Wuhan. Nor were they sold in the famous wet market there. In fact, the scientists interviewed nearly 60 people who worked or shopped in the market. All confirmed there were no horseshoe bats for sale.  

So, they believe COVID jumped from bats to people. When and where and how did that happen? The scientists noted the obvious - within a few hundred yards of the wet market was something called the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It turns out that facility used Intermediate Horseshoe Bats for research. About seven miles away was another facility, called the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Wuhan Institute of Virology also conducted research on Intermediate Horseshoe Bats. 

So, for these Chinese scientists, working on the ground at the very beginning of the outbreak, the conclusion was obvious, "the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan." That was the first week of February in 2020.

That research sat on the internet for weeks, before Chinese authorities pulled it down. And they have, we don’t know what happened to the people who wrote it. But we have a copy. The amazing thing is, even though this was public, public health officials in the west ignored it completely. When asked about the possibility the virus had come from a lab, they became hostile, in some cases, hysterical.  

For example, in a post on the National Institutes of Health website, for example, NIH director Francis Collins, who should know better, dismissed questions about a lab leak as "outrageous." Like you were sinful for asking the question. But those questions weren’t outrageous. They were plausible. Last fall, we spoke to someone with firsthand knowledge of the subject. 

Dr. Lee-Mung Yan is an eminent Chinese virologist who worked on COVID, in China, in the early days of the pandemic. She was certain, based on what she had seen, the virus had come from a lab in Wuhan. 

On September 15, 2020, she came on this show and said so: 

DR. LI-MENG YAN:  From my first report, I can present solid scientific evidence that Covid 19 actually is not from nature…I work with the top virologists in the world so together with my experience, I can tell you this is created in the lab. This is from…owned by the Chinese military and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage. 

TUCKER: To make such damage. Do you believe the Chinese government released this intentionally? Did they do this? 

DR. LI-MENG YAN:  Yes of course. Intentionally.

That was a strong claim. But Lee-Mung Yan had even stronger credentials. Once again, she’s a Chinese virologist who personally did research on COVID, in China, at the very beginning of the outbreak. She’s not an internet fabulist. She had informed, first-hand knowledge about how the pandemic started. Not many people could say that. But she could. And she did. But no one listened. Instead, the usual liars went to work immediately to discredit her personally. 

The so-called fact-checking website Politifact attacked Dr. Yan’s claims as, "inaccurate and ridiculous." They never explained how they could know that. Did the gender studies majors at Politifact have access to superior science? We’re thinking they didn’t. But they went ahead and accused Dr. Yan of being a "pants on fire" liar.  

That was enough for Big Tech. The media monopolies immediately swooped in to make the whole topic disappear. Facebook censored our interview with Dr. Yan, and then deleted it completely. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, followed suit. Both used Politifact’s claims to justify their censorship. Then, of course, CNN, swooped in at the end to celebrate the whole thing. 

BRIAN STELTER: The other day, Carlson interviewed a "whistleblower" who claimed that she had evidence of a COVID-19 conspiracy in Wuhan, China. But when videos of the interview were shown on social media, Facebook and Instagram intervened by putting a false information label on it.

Catch that? According to CNN, the media monopolies "intervened." This wasn’t a matter of soulless left-wing corporations committing censorship in order to cover for their masters in the Chinese Communist Party. Not at all. It was an intervention. It was done for our own good.

At the time, of course, there was a political subtext: Donald Trump was President. Partisans in the media had no choice but to kill the story. If China turned out to be responsible for the pandemic, Trump would be less responsible for the pandemic. You saw reporters do the same thing with their coverage of the drug hydroxychloroquine. Once Trump touted hydroxychloroquine, they called it poison. But it’s a new day now. Joe Biden is in the White House. So some journalists have decided they can drop the pose.  

You’ve seen it over the past few months. A number of prominent liberals have publicly reassessed their views on where the virus came from. Yes, they’ve admitted, the virus did emerge from a lab in Wuhan. The physical evidence for that is overwhelming. This virus did not evolve in nature. Read the pieces, they’re interesting. 

This virus was, instead, enhanced during lab experiments — reckless, ghoulish, very dangerous experiments, that were paid for in part by American taxpayers, from grants Tony Fauci himself signed off on. That’s all true. They’re admitting it now. Even Politifact has retracted its claim that Dr. Yan is a "pants on fire" liar.  

Facebook, interestingly, has not reassessed. Apparently, the company does too much business in China to offend the Chinese military. As of tonight, our interview with Dr. Yan is still missing from their platform. But Dr. Yan herself is very much here.  

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson's opening commentary on the May 21, 2021, edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Video link: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6255466496001


New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luca Lewis, 20, was accosted by a group of knife wielding Palestinians in New York City Thursday night, according to an Instagram post on Lewis’ account. Lewis says the Palestinians demanded to know if he is Jewish.