Flashback: camping and hiking - random photos from May in previous years

Camping... like being homeless, only dirtier and with more bug bites.

Hello coffee friends!  

I started this blog post before 8:am this morning... and then I guess I got busy.  Here I am - with fresh, hot coffee in hand, and sitting down at the laptop only to see an open editing window from this morning!  

It's now 5:30 pm.  Such is life!

Apparently this morning I was going to chit-chat about camping, as the only thing I had in my editing window so far was a camping comic.  I saw this one years (and years and years) ago and had saved it to my computer folder because this is MY HUSBAND.   My husband (Mr. Coffee) does not camp.  But I've been asking, begging, hinting, joking, and pleading off and on for the last couple months and it's still a negative.  The boy will. not. camp.

I think I'm in a strong 'camping' mode this week because traditionally... this is the week I'm usually doing a 2 week 'cross country' camping trip of some type.  I like to go the first week or two of May - right before most schools get out, so the crowds are thinner.  

My heart aches to be camping and hiking but for many reasons it's just not feasible right now.  (My schedule, no time 'off', no one to go with as my usual camping buddy went and got married and then had a baby and she isn't up to camping with a little one yet... and I have no one to really go with.)



Random photos from May of previous years when I would normally
be 'out and about' somewhere.
These are random places/photos in no particular order

Arizona desert camping

I think this was in Arizona (?)

Pretty sure this was one of the hikes in the Grand Canyon

This one was in Arkansas....

This one Alabama

Navajo Point, Grand Canyon, AZ

This one is South Dakota... driving through those skinny one-lane roads

South Dakota!

South Dakota again... oh my heart belongs to South Dakota

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