Good Morning coffee friends!

So my update to the photo album delivery by USPS...  (I ordered back on... hmm... so long ago now I believe it was April 16th!) 

Snapfish gave it to DHL who in turn gave it to the US postal system.  And then it just got lost for a couple days, and then was scanned, but took off and seems to have went on a little trip by itself to another state that it didn't need to go to. 

Now I finally see an update that it was scanned yesterday BACK in the state it was last week before it took a trip of its own and came back again.  Fingers crossed I get them at some point but again, at least it's photo books I had printed with family photos so it's not like any of the sticky fingers working the delivery systems now would want to steal them to sell them or try to 'return' them to a retailer for credit.  LOL.  I'm just being patient and watching the travel my poor little photo books are doing.

And now my time is up and I've got to grab my phones and backpack and head out the door to start my day.

Thanks for popping in.  Happy Thursday!



Democrats and Covid 'vaccination' papers....  eye-roll.

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