Spending $200 looking for one $3 item... ha~~!!

Good Morning Friends!

So yesterday I had the day 'off' and fully intended to run an errand for one item we need - that I have to drive into the 'big city' for - which is a pain in the backside traffic pattern at one particular place where 2 interstates and a crazy cross-pattern all merge. 

You have about 2 or 3 seconds to merge over 3 lanes to the right - while everyone else is either getting off, getting on, merging as well, or going straight.  It's a huge mess, and a known spot that EVERYONE hates.   And just the thought of it was pissing me off.   On top of that, I was berating myself a little bit for driving so far, wasting the gas, time and just 'driving that far' in general for one particular item we certainly can live without.

As I was starting the drive there, I got to a point of 'decision' making and decided to try to find the item closer to home.  Now, I've already looked for this item locally and semi-locally.  I've looked off and on, have never seen it, but have looked very diligently (again) over the past couple months.  However, there was one store that is known for carrying some odd, difficult, local, etc. items so I changed my plans and went there.

The item I want is about $3.

They did not have it, but by the time I left the store I had found a few other items and when I checked out my total was $98.


But wait, it gets better!

As I was finishing up looking for it, I got a request from one of my daughter's to meet her at her local Walmart and shop/errands with her.  I said sure.  I was almost done anyway, I'd just check out and head her way. 

I met up with her at Walmart and even though I was in somewhat of a hurry (I still had my groceries in the car - in a cooler bag - but still in a hot car) I managed to check out with a few items and my total was... $97.

So by leaving the house to look for this one $3 item - WHICH I NEVER FOUND - I spent $200.

I'm chuckling at myself.

Next time I really need to just drive the 45 minutes to the ONE PLACE I know I can get this $3 item (can't be ordered online either).  In the long run, I would have saved $190.... even with gas. Ha.




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