Good Morning!

I came here intending to chat over morning coffee but I clicked on one little thing at Amazon and then I was lost down that rabbit hole.  I only got drawn out of that little click trance because I heard the school buses coming down the road and glanced at the clock - they seemed awfully early. 

And they were.  So now I'm wondering what the deal is because they were running a full 20 minutes early for the first one and 11 minutes early for the second one.  That's kind of a big chunk of 'early'.

But while I was looking at some items online, I saw a couple things I'm going to go back to when I have more time as they are some good gift ideas.  Like, I am considering them myself; so I'll probably do a post on them.  Maybe this week if I get time as it takes a chunk of time to research, and to build on the links, etc.

I have 39 seconds before my "HURRY" last call alarm goes off to throw on clothes and makeup and get myself on the road so this is my quick 'hello and goodbye' sentence...  and thanks for popping in coffee friends.  I'll have more for you later!!!

If this President were Republican, there would be outrage at how incompetent he is but instead...  media silence.  

"But, uh, there's you know, there's to be, you know, beginning, uh, this effort for 2021 is, uh..." - Biden

Modern Day Socialist-wannabes have NO IDEA WHAT SOCIALISM IS.  No really.  They aren't learning Socialism, Capitalism, Marxism in school - they get their information from celebrities, social media and politicians like AOC who ALSO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOCIALISM IS.   Damn idiots.

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