This has happened many, many places all over the world - including the US.  But this particular one is from Ireland.  The reason I post it is because this man had the authorities came into his home at 3:00 AM to remove his children ALL BECAUSE HE FILMED THE AUTHORITIES barging into Catholic mass to shut down the service.


The local Garda or Irish police, barged into a Catholic Mass in Athlone, Ireland last weekend and shut down the service. 

The congregation was sitting rows apart, and even by crazy Dr. Fauci’s standards were likely not in danger of infecting others in the church. 


One man in the congregation, later identified as Pat Sweeney, decided to film the assault on this Catholic service by the state. A couple of nights later local Garda stormed the man’s home at 3 in the morning and took his children away. Then the garda took the man to the police station. 

They told him they were worried about “his” mental condition. 

Ponder that one.
This could be you.  And it could be for any reason at all... not just filming police storming a mass.  

You could be taken in for any reason by authorities claiming they were just "worried about your mental condition...."