It's just the coffee talking... afternoon chit-chat on a Saturday!


I don't actually have coffee though - (complete transparency here).  I just finished a pineapple Truly's though if that counts for anything?

In honor of my morning trip to Walmart for household goods and a few grocery items - this meme:  "The self-check out is available"  Me:  "I don't work here". 

I chuckle because I HATE HATE HATE HATE self check outs.  I don't think I've used one in probably 2 or 3 years?  I got sick of hearing them repeat "Put your item in the bagging area.... put your item in the bagging area..."  OVER AND OVER AGAIN because I was apparently too 'quick' when I scanned and then dropped it INTO THE BAGGING AREA.   It was nothing but frustration to rescan items because I was (again) too quick?  So I would have to move as fast as a 98 year old women, slllllowly scanning an item, then wait, count to 2, then drop it into the bag in the 'bagging area' and wait... then grab the next item... wait.... scan... wait.... drop.  And even THEN it wouldn't recognize it and I'd have to pick it up and drop it in again.  Fuck that, man.  I don't fucking PAY MONEY TO YOU TO WORK HERE TOO.  I get enough frustration and aggravation just fighting traffic and people and clogged aisles to get my items... I'm not going to scan them all and get yelled at by a computer voice because I'm going too fast.  

LOVE THIS ONE!!!  Ha ha.  His honest review of visiting his little baby daughter's 'toddler' kitchen and how well she performed her services.....

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