It's Just the Coffee Talking again.....

Brewing my second cup of coffee now - hot, strong, black and at 6 oz. size.  Not a watered down typical 8 or 10 oz. like most - but not espresso.  Just right.

This morning I saw the University of California is no longer going to use SAT and ACT scores... they said it's not fair to the poor or minority students.  I think I'm just going to let that stand and not 'chat' over coffee about that one.


"Put a mask on!  You're putting my health at risk!"
Biden's White House - you need zero brain cells - just need to know how to LIE and DOUBLE TALK.  Deny, lie, make up shit.  Just say whatever you have to say and walk out.  
This time the White House Economic Advisor blames the horrible April jobs report on Easter being in March this year....   Which is a bullshit excuse but hello?  Easter was in APRIL this year. 

"I'm gonna have a positive attitude today!"  LOL
HA!  Nashville gas station puts a photo of naked, high, Hunter Biden on their sign...  "hope gas prices don't get too high..."   Creepy Joe and his equally creepy, drugged up son and trashy wife - what a classy First family the democratic left's pre-programmed voting machines elected.