It's Just the Coffee Talking.... The Biden/Democrat economy has begun. We're in for a bumpy ride.

April jobs report was SO BAD UNDER INEPT JOE BIDEN that Liesman (of CNBC) thought it was a TYPO.  Seriously.  He thought it was a typo - he struggled to read the number, apologized, said it couldn't be correct, that he had to check... and yes... dismal. 




 Joe himself laughs and says we are RIGHT ON TRACK...???
Really Creepy Joe?





If you're paying attention, you've noticed a huge spike in gas prices over the past 3 months.
Grocery prices are soaring just in the past 2 months. 
All food prices are up - a huge jump in March and even higher in April.
Labor participation went DOWN by 64K jobs in April (biggest 'miss' since 1998)

The Biden economy has already started... we're in for a bumpy ride.


 Biden tells everyone wearing a mask for Covid is "a joke"....

Here's a trick question for you.

"Oh, you're a Joe Biden fan?  Name three of his complete sentences."