It's Just the Coffee Talking... I'm normally finishing up a camping/hiking trip this week - flashback to one of them - and whatever else comes to mind to chat about over morning coffee

Rise and shine! It's coffee time!

This morning started about 30 minutes earlier than I thought it would - not for a bad reason - just that a group (family) text came through from my son and then one of my daughter's answered.  So of course I had to see what the photo/text was.  Then, I was up of course!  But that's fine - coffee was waiting for me!

One of my daughters has been doing some 'flashback' snaps to me of some of our 'girls road trips' from the past couple years - right before Covid quartantines.  This morning she sent me a flashback of our trip to SD.  I looked on my phone and sent her back one of us in AR.  



This morning I glanced briefly over the news headlines.  I get physically nauseated and my day is ruined by actually reading the latest news updates about our fucked up current Presidential administration and the idiots running our country into the ground and into wars and into the highest inflation in 20 years... but I digress.  Where was I?  Oh.  So I read one story.

There is a story in the news right now of a another kid attacked by 16/17 year olds in New York for his tennis shoes.  A UPS driver saw it happened and went over to help him as he lay in the street losing consciousness.  A typical New York (St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit) story but one tiny little detail made it just a little bit different.  The kid managed to whisper to the UPS driver that he couldn't breathe (driver propped his head up on a package to help) and that he was a diabetic.   The UPS driver then got a banana from someone standing there and helped the teen to eat a banana so the kid wouldn't go into a diabetic coma.

Thank goodness that kid could still talk to let the UPS driver know... and God bless that driver for caring enough to stop to help.

I have a lot more on my lips to say about the story and other topics but my last "Hurry up and throw some clothes on, some makeup on and run a brush through your hair!" alarm is going off.  Time to get a move on and officially start my day.

I always have a well-balanced breakfast of coffee and more coffee!

A day without coffee is like...
just kidding.  I have no idea.

Life happens.
But coffee helps.