It's Just the Coffee Talking: Is it weird I'm pretty excited about two 'kitcheny' items today? I ordered some Tattler two-piece canning rings and lids; I also have a FoodSaver Jar sealer expected delivery today.

Good Morning Coffee friends!

Today... I have a delivery expected I'm hesitantly excited about.  It's a Foodsaver Jar Sealing kit.   I've wanted one for about 6 years but it was never in the budget or priority - then when I was ready to buy it - they were out of stock.  Unavailable through all of 2020 and spring of 2021 because of Covid shortages.  

Just saw them back in stock so I ordered one (I ordered mine on Amazon although this morning I see FoodSaver has them back on their page now - when I was looking last week they still were unavailable.  Also of note: I just checked and Amazon raised the price to $54.99 this morning *the price fluctuates constantly*  but I got mine for $22.99 and they are $24.99 on the Foodsaver website). 

Also ordered some new canning lids yesterday.  Tattlers.   They are not 'new' but they are new to me.  I've heard people mention them through the years but never really was interested enough to spend the money.  I love the traditional metal lids.  However they were literally impossible to find all through 2020 and even now, into 2021 they are difficult to find good quality lids (NOT cheap Chinese knock-offs!).  They are two-part reusable lids and seals.  The gasket is separate and can be used numerous times.  The lids are pretty much 'forever' usable unless you do something seriously damaging like get it close to a burner and it melts or something.  They won't be delivered until probably late this week though.

I've got a task list waiting for me and I'm pretty excited about some research I want to find time to do today as well.  I know I should run some errands but I'm *probably* (?) not because I really want to stay home and research and work on a few things.

Good Morning to all my Coffee Friends out there!  Enjoy your morning coffee and enjoy your day!




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Also - I mentioned the new Tattler Lids and Rings for canning I ordered.   They are 2 piece rings and seals that can be used over and over.

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