It's Just the Coffee Talking: New to me: Citi Bank closes accounts in good standing just because they are inactive


Good Morning Coffee Friends -

So this was new to me.  CITIBANK closes accounts IN GOOD STANDING if they have simply been inactive.  

And don't tell you they did it (past tense) until you get a letter in the mail a week or so later.  After the fact.  So you can do nothing about it.

And yes, apparently it does affect your credit rating score because it's marked as "closed by creditor". And they do not say why it was closed - so the generic reason listing is the same for 'missing payment' or 'late payments' as it is for inactive, good standing, zero balance, accounts.  

Basically, this kind of makes CITI Bank assholes.

Yep, they totally have a right to close an inactive account, because obviously if you aren't using it, they aren't making money off your account in interest or fees.

The reason they wade into the "we are assholes" water is they don't send you a notice in any way, shape or form they are going to do it.  

They don't tell you anywhere that they will close it if it's not used often.  They don't send any warning letter or notice to your account that you need to use it within 2 months (or whatever) to avoid it being closed. 

Yada yada.

Basically, what makes them assholes is just that they never, ever, not once, tell you it must be used in any certain number of months or they WILL close it. 

So here you are, trying to be a good credit risk by keeping a zero balance and NOT using your credit card... especially right now when things are really SUCKY due to the world going to shit over COVID...  and they suddenly, without warning decide that because you have a good standing account that hasn't been used in awhile, they have closed it without warning, without telling you, without letting you know to use it soon or it 'would' be closed for inactivity.  

(As a side note:  we use our credit cards for things like vacation, travel, restaurants, etc.  WHICH HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN BECAUSE OF COVID QUARANTINES for the past 1 1/2 YEARS.  So that makes CITI BANK EVEN BIGGER ASSHOLES.)

The more intelligent way to do business (and make money for themselves) would be to send the letter out warning their excellent standing accounts to USE it within 2 months (or whatever) to keep it active.  THEN all these people would use it - and probably end up paying some fees or interest and they would have MADE money on the account instead of losing excellent, good standing accounts. 



In other news, I woke to the power company doing work outside in the street at the corner of our yard.  Hmmm.  The reason I'm 'hmm-ing' about it is there is no reason for them to do any work... but I recall a phone call from the power company last Fall letting me know the sub-division I live next to (and starts there) wanted to put a big spotlight on their subdivision sign.   And they wanted to run the wires over my driveway.

The power company was calling to tell me the request had been made, and would I be ok with them running the wire over my drive?

Uh, no.  I prefer not.

He told me it was in the early stage of the request and he had just started to research it.  We hung up.  I didn't hear anything more about it.

Until this morning.  And now I'm wondering if the screeching ruckus and work I hear going on there is going to be a big spotlight to shine on the sub-division sign and whether a wire is being ran to the pole on the other side of our driveway.








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