It's just the coffee talking... the USPS finally delivered the photo albums (it took a MONTH)

Good Morning coffee friends...

I'm happy to report that USPS has finally delivered the photo books ordered April 16th.  It took them almost a MONTH.  

I had placed 3 different orders over 2 days as they had a great sale and I needed to 'catch up' on getting my photos off my cellphone and into printed albums (and one is a gift for someone else). 

The other 2 orders came within a week or so as usual but this package of 2 photo books took a MONTH.  My package went on side-trips to other states just for fun and then went back to the original state and finally found its way to us.

That's pretty pathetic of our postal system...  but we've seen standards fall to 'dismal' over the past couple years.  I'm not sure we'll ever get them back.


Today is payday.
I paid bills this morning and I'm now down to $181 in our account for the next two weeks.  Not going to buy many groceries with the inflation that we've seen in the past 3 months!  Thankfully I do keep some tucked away for emergencies.

The Biden administration is going to apparently be one very long, difficult emergency.






(because they didn't want to give up the password)
All the evidence surrounding this past election to show it was complete fraud...

He seriously said this...  dementia Joe has got to go.

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