Saturday Morning Coffee Talking: My Monster's Inc t-shirts were/are quality, correctly sized and awesome... you just never know what you're going to get!


This is me - with coffee - and whistling and pretending I don't know I'm procrastinating getting started on some of my tasks for today... ha ha.  (Although officially, the first thing I did was restart the dryer with some clothes in it so I am actually doing one task while I sip my coffee.)

That clothing in the dryer - trying to 'over' dry it so it will shrink a little.  Ah, ordering something from Amazon, you know it's probably going to come from China and it's hit or miss on what the quality will be - but mostly - the sizing.  Most things run very very small.  Like if you wear a medium in real life, you best be ordering the XL or even the XXL on Amazon because it's going to be cheap, and shrink up to 6 inches all the way around, right?

So I needed a themed t-shirt for a birthday party tomorrow for Mr. Coffee and I.  I chose two; ordered and made sure to order one size up.  Dangit.  They were great quality shirts and were the correct size!  Ha ha.  So now I'm washing them in hot and trying to shrink them just a bit for Mr. Coffee.    

Did you see the news story out of Chicago of the cat that jumped from 5 stories up... and walked away.  Man, cats are amazing creatures.


For those wondering; here are the shirts I ordered for a Monster's Inc themed birthday party - and they were great quality.  They seem to be the real deal - Disney quality - and they do have a Disney tag as well.  Order your regular size - they were both spot on.  (As a matter of fact I ordered THREE shirts because they ended up being true-to-size so I kept the two (one size too large)  t-shirts I originally ordered but then ordered my size in the women's size/fit.  And again - the third t-shirt was also a Disney tag, great quality and the correct size.   (And they've been washed and dried 3 times now and no peeling or issues with the designs as some reviews stated.)

Monster's Inc men's shirt

Women's Mike Wazowski shirt