Some anxiety with my morning coffee.... :)


Good Morning Coffee Talking Friends!

I need to get started on some tasks like balancing the checking account, paying bills, making a budget; but my eyes aren't working yet this morning so... more coffee it is!  Hot, strong and black... hoping to clear away the last of the sleepy-blurries.

The last two nights I've not slept well - anxiety.  About what however, I don't know.  I can't put my finger on it.  But it's there.  Even during the day.  I'll be busy and all of a sudden it washes over me... a feeling of... I don't know.  And it's woke me up 3 times each night, almost in a panic; which is pretty sucky because I've been sleeping great lately!  I was so happy I've been sleeping so well for almost a month but now, something is bugging me; daytime and nighttime - I just have no idea what it is. Yet.


The 'victim' thinking started about 10 years ago... now we have a whole generation that thrives with that way of thinking; which only leads to a feeling of entitlement and free 'stuff' - couple that with a woeful lack of education and knowledge about things that are important and you end up with...


Aww.  The well funded terrorist behind BLM could only buy FOUR houses before she was called out for it and is resigning. 

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