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Remember yesterday when I said I clicked on something "really quick" at Amazon but then fell down a rabbit hole and that I would tell you about it tomorrow?  That's today, and here is the deal....

So yesterday while I was simply clicking on one little thing at Amazon, I saw a little blurb for Father's Day and the suggestion of an engraved photo wallet.  Hmmm.  They were kind of cool.  And although I'm not looking for a Father's Day gift right now, I did tuck the idea away for a birthday or Christmas gift for some of the guys in our family and extended family because I really do think some of them are cool.

And that is how I got the idea for this post - an idea for my readers for Father's Day!

A photo wallet

There were all different sellers, with similar items - but all different items as well.  Some were the look of engraved, but others actually had a photo on them.  Some in black and white, others in color.  


 Some of the versions offered sayings on the wallet or inside it - a phrase or quote you could personalize.  The best thing is that the wallets were actually made so you could use them - they didn't just look cool but they had plenty of little pockets, a place for your driver's license and some of them even offered a small zippered compartment.




While I was down that 'rabbit hole' and couldn't get back here to post morning coffee, I ended up on their gift giving page and honestly, some of the ideas were pretty good - but I never would have thought of them myself.  Seriously.

I think the window bird feeder is a great idea for someone like my father-in-law (an elderly man who lives by himself and loves watching the birds out his big picture window).  The chocolates and cookie gifts are given often... but not by me.  It's another gift I just don't really think of to give.  NFL travel cups, gamer themed gifts, camping gear... a lot of great ideas.  You can find them at Amazon's "Father's Day Gift Shop"



 And now... back to coffee.


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