There is no Covid "vaccine". By defintion it's a shot. It's not a vaccine. And the government broke federal law by allowing it.

It's one thing to be an adult and decide on your own to get the Covid vaccine mRNA shot into your arm.  It's not a vaccine.  Vaccines are by definition something completely different.  BUT the governments marketed it as a 'vaccine' because they knew that was the only way the people would buy into it.

Buying into a shot that goes down into your muscle, into your cell and changes the cell structure, causing your body to MAKE the protein for Covid.  So everyone with the shot makes their own Covid virus basically in the hopes that they will build up an anti-body to it.

But guess what?  There are so many variations of Covid and it seems as though we now have even more new variations popping up that your 'shot' is worthless.  And they are talking about making people get a new shot "vaccine" (cough cough) every 6 months or a year.

For something with a 99.91% survival rate. 

Ponder that over morning coffee.

mRNA Covid19 'Vaccines' Are Irreversible

So adults making that decision for themselves is on them.


The pharmaceutical companies are now testing babies and toddlers - and people that are not educating themselves are handing over their tiny babies to get this untested, unproven, un-needed shot.  

But anyway.

It's just nuts.  That's all.