So California says:  "...make no mistake, we're in the midst of an unprecedented wave of bigotry and discrimination in this country and the State of California is not going to support it."

The thing is, they are just calling it bigotry and hate to stir up emotions and hatred.  It's not bigotry.  It's not hatred.  It's science.  It's genetics.  It's biology.

It's science.

It doesn't matter if you 'feel' like a girl inside... if you are biologically male, then you have a different muscle pattern - it's not just taking prescriptions to lower testosterone.  You have a narrower hip and pelvic area.  Your muscle structure is different and intended for a different purpose than the female muscle structure.  It's how our bodies formed when we were each born male and female.  Males have upper body strength and leg muscles that give an upper hand over a female because... science.  

There is no hate or bigotry.  Don't call it that just because you THINK that ends the conversation and 'you win' because you use words that are currently in vogue for drumming up support (in people incapable of cognitive thinking).

It's called protecting females in sports by allowing them to compete with their peers and not once AGAIN be squashed by males who want to be us. 

It's just the coffee talking again....

This morning on my little commute, I came down a steep hill that also is a blind curve going back up.  You can't see what is coming around the curve at you until they are pretty much in your face grill.   Right as the hill starts to curve up again, and right smack in the middle of my lane was a stopped truck with a trailer behind him.  The young man was standing between his truck and trailer; luckily I'm an aware driver and noticed him in time to stop quickly and flashing my brake lights, hoping the car rushing up on me would have time to stop as well.  He did.  

We couldn't go around the driver as the blind curve made it impossible, so we stopped, waited for him to try to reattach his trailer (which had apparently came off - must not have had a pin?) and as I watched my rear view mirror, I waited to see how many cars would be speeding down the hill - which is also immediately following a curve - so no one can see the now 3 or 4 of us stopped completely at the base of the hill.

A little anxiety.  Had another car, not paying as much attention as I do, had came upon this guy, they more than likely would have smacked into him.  As they hit the trailer, it would have slammed the man between his truck and the trailer and he more than likely wouldn't have made it.

The young guy got the trailer on the hitch well enough to get back in his truck, continue up the hill and around the blind curve, before finally pulling off onto a safer area where it was flatter and he had room to pull off the road without a deep ditch on the sides.

All was fine.

But... could have been very, very different.

No reason to tell the story except just to make chit-chat over morning coffee with you.   Enjoy your coffee. Enjoy your morning.  That's all.

Oh look... you would think the papers are ran by idiots or something.

Oh... wait.  They are.

When you make giving someone HIV NO LONGER A FELONY, and the rate of STD's skyrocket, a person with common sense would know why that is.  Instead, Democrat minds and papers with a propaganda decide to call it....  wait for it....  racism.   LOL.  THANK YOU GOD WE MOVED AWAY YEARS AGO BEFORE THEY ALL WENT BAT-SHIT CRAZY.


Now everyone knows Covid was man-made in a lab in Wuhan China.
But if you didn't think so for an entire year simply because the media told you didn't...
Well, there just isn't hope for you.


Pondering over Coffee:
If you raise your children, you can spoil your grandkids;
but if you spoil your children, you'll have to raise your grandkids.

Dear Democrats:  Trump may have hurt your little bitty feelings but Biden
is hurting your family, finance and freedom.  You asked for it and there is much, much worse coming.

It works.
I tried it.










It's just the Coffee Talking: 'Should I get a Covid vaccination'... without asking these obvious questions?

When I saw this meme - Should I get a covid 'vaccination'? - it pretty much rang true for my life.  When you are a critical thinker, you can't just not be a critical thinker. 




Do y'all remember, before the internet, that people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information? 
Yeah.  It wasn't that.



People worry about what kind of planet we're leaving for our kids...
I worry about the kind of kids we're leaving for the planet.

Is Critical Race Theory Racist? (Yes, obviously - duh?) and we are turning out young adults from our schools who have no concept of analysis based on logic and evidence.

 There is an easy way to see if Critical Race Theory is racist or not.
The the word WHITE out of every sentence and replace it with the word BLACK.

If it suddenly feels racist, then CRT was racist from the start.



Our whole educational system, from the elementary schools to the universities, is
increasingly turning out people who hae never heard enough conflicting arguments to develop
the skills and discipline required to produce a coherent analysis, based on logic and evidence.






Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe, say or do. BOTH ARE NONSENSE.



Make-a-Wish CEO says that certain wishes will only be granted to fully 'vaccinated' wish kids and families.... 






 Ships don't sink because of the water around them.
Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.
Don't let what's happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.



Difference between liberals and conservatives?  Conservatives won't tell you WHAT to think.
We just want you to think.



Our culture has accepted two huge lies.
The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle,
you must fear or hate them.
The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe, say or do.


I. Do. Not. Care. About. Sports.

If you've read Coffee Talking a little bit, you may have caught on that I don't really care about sports.

Which sport? 
Um, that one.
And that one.
Yep, that one too.

All of them. Any of them.

I can totally relate to Leonard on Big Bang Theory when he wanted to show support to his then-girlfriend Penny by agreeing to watch a game with her, getting a selection of drinks and snacks ready and then painting "GO SPORTS!" on his stomach ... you know - to cover all bases whether she planned on watching football or baseball or basketball...



 Garfunkel and Oats say it the way I would (if I made video's for youtube... which I don't)


I promise I really totally care who wins
If there's a net or hoop or hole in the ground, I hope they get it in
If they want to go to all the bases, I hope they do
If they’re supposed to run past a line or whatever, I hope they do that, too

Sports go sports!

May they top their opponents numerically in the allotted time
Lest they disenfranchise their audience
and see their revenues decline

May the partakers be sturdy and rapid
In the spirited energies they exert
May they be victorious in perpetuity
Don't I look cute in this football shirt

Sports go sports! Athletics are number one!
Participants are heroes! Go team yeah!

This is the most important thing that’s ever occurred
The vicarious fulfillment of your dream that got deferred
You had aspirations as a kid but you didn't have the skill
So you watch genetically superior people do the things you never will

Sports go Sports!

May the competitors you prefer
best their opposing equivalents:
So you can somehow feel connected to the feat of your self-appointed constituents
May the hours you spend watching post-match pontificators
Amplify the thrill of being a witness
And better your predictive aptitude
For your squad’s future physical fitness

Sports go sports! Athletics are number one!
Participants are heroes! Go team yeah!

Watching able-bodied millionaires play with each other
Watching less agile millionaire talk about it on TV
May they compile copious points so they are rewarded and meritorious
So you feel temporarily, adjacently victorious

Sports go sports! Athletics are number one!
Participants are heroes! Go team yeah!

Every other word:
Sports! Sports! Athletics! Number! Participants! Heroes! Go! Yeah!

Every other other word:

Go! Athletics! Number! Are! Team!

Now in Latin:
Ludis ire ludis
Arcu sunt optimum
Participants sunt heroes
Ire quadrigus sic

Now the truth:

If you could only throw a ball
You'd have a hotter wife
Lots and lots of money
And a way better life
And a way better life

Go Sports!




GO SPORTS Move The Thing To The Other Thing T-Shirt


Go Sports Do The Thing Win The Points Funny Blue T-Shirt


Go Sports Funny Sarcastic Football T-Shirt


I Just Hope Both Teams Have Fun | Sports Shirt | Go Sports


I'm late to the table for morning coffee but it's afternoon and I've just finished the last sip of my B-12 drink so....  let's just call it an afternoon Coffee Break and bring what you have.
This morning I saw this little post on social media and it caught my attention because it looks a lot like my grandfather and two of my Uncles.  (It isn't.) 
Jim Thorpe, participated in the 1912 Olympics in the Track and Field division, wearing two different shoes, one of which was too big for him.  He found them in the trash right before his competition - soon after his own shoes had been stolen.  He wore them; using an extra sock in one to help cushion the extra space.  He not only participated in his event, but went on to win two gold medals. 

I've had a dog just like this... except it was $250 damage in less than 30 minutes; the time it took me to run to the elementary school to pick up my kindergartener from school.  I literally couldn't go to the bathroom without him trying to eat through the door in the time it took me to pee.  This particular dog was adopted as an adult and unbeknownst to us had a lot of issues.  This "there was a spider"  "It's gone now" is funny... but not funny when you've had a dog like this! 


We've all seen guys (and women!) like this.... seriously.  Don't be this guy.

And if you can't tell what's wrong with this picture... then you ARE this guy.





I started this morning by shuffling out of the bedroom, and getting a cup of coffee to brew first thing.  I grabbed it and sat down to sip.  It was full of murky muddy water and grounds.  The k-cup had exploded.  First one in loooong time.  But... what a way to start the morning, right?   
Cleaned up the mess, brewed water through to clean it more and then finally, brewed a fresh cup of hot, strong, black coffee.  But now my already minimal time to blog before getting dressed and starting my day is down to about 3 minutes.

Saw this online and chuckled because... it's happened to me.  More than a few times.  It seems anyone under 30 has no concept of how to count, or basic math.  How can they?  They were so busy learning all the mandatory useless crap in school that schools don't teach basic math skills, history, economics or reading anymore.   So you can chuckle too... but it's TRUE.

I've had similar scenario's OFTEN.  Not at McDonalds, because I rarely eat out but at retail stores and grocery stores.  Try it.  Try giving change to up your total amount so you get an even dollar amount or coin amount back.  You'll confuse the heck out of them.

(Hint:  Usually when they stutter and look confused I tell them to just put the total into the machine and they'll see.  When I get an 'even' amount back that equals a full coin like a quarter or a dollar instead of pennies, they sometimes get it.   Sometimes.)

Similar...  when I ask a question back or question what someone in 'authority' has just told me, they usually have NO IDEA of what they just said or why it's wrong.
Our whore-in-office who was put in charge of our border almost 3 months FINALLY visits the border for the first time.  ONLY AFTER DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED HE WOULD BE VISITING IT NEXT WEEK.   This administration is a piece of shit.



I see people my age out there climbing mountains and zip lining... and here I am feeling good about myself because I got my leg through my underwear without losing my balance. 

I started jogging today.  I didn't want to, but the margarita truck didn't stop.
  If you see me talking to myself, just move along.  I'm self-employed.  We're having a staff meeting.   












 Bill Maher blasts cancel culture for 'bullying' people using race:  this is why people hate democrats.



Ponder over coffee:   Voter ID is only controversial to those who want to steal elections.

Cannot say it enough times:  Moderna, Pfizer and J/J call it a vaccine but again: IT IS NOT A VACCINE.  Medically and legally - it is NOT A VACCINE.