Apparently I still needed to 'vent' as I sat down to post but ended up talking about FedEx again. (Sorry?)


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I might have to only blog on weekends... I am so rushed in the morning I rarely find time to chat.  But I have Fridays off so, there's that!

This morning I got started bright and early trying to track down the mystery delivery FedEx delivery from Walmart.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything but assumed maybe one of our kids were sending something to my husband for Father's Day.  We were both off and home yesterday (and we have 2 security cameras on the driveway/front door and the street in front of the house) and no FedEx deliveries were made even though it was 'out for delivery' according to the status updates.

Then at 3:00 pm we were told it was delivered.  Interesting since no FedEx delivery people had even come close to our driveway, much less driven up it or delivered anything.

This morning I spent an hour on the phone and in online chats tracking this mystery delivery.  I found out it was a gift from someone who will be our guest next weekend.  She was sending a gift card as a thank you for us hosting her and helping out with food, etc. 


Side Note:  Another FedEx issue I've ALSO been dealing with this week was a package of sugar free, low carb food items delivered in haste by a driver who left it at my garage and (strangely I thought) was making his 'get away' at the speed of light.

I had a security alert that someone had driven up the drive so I was already walking out to meet him (I thought) and he was already LEAVING as I walked out the door - he looked SUPER surprised to glance to his left as he was speeding down the drive and saw ME standing there.   

I wondered why he was in such a hurry and looked shocked and guilty when he was startled by me.  Once I picked up the package, I knew.  

The items were literally almost falling out.  I could see everything in the box, and some items had been smashed, another was opened and leaking.  Luckily the items were large enough they couldn't make it through the opening and everything was in the box.


I had never seen this delivery driver before.  But unlike USPS and UPS, FedEx always has different drivers.  

(Yes I go out to 'meet' most of my drivers and carry my items in, so they don't have to take the time to leave the vehicle and walk up the stairs to our front door - I'm nice that way.  This helps them not only not have to make the trek but saves them time to stay on a good delivery schedule).  

I am nice, kind and friendly so I KNOW my regular mail delivery person and I know my regular UPS driver.  We know each other on a "hey there, how's the family?  You got a haircut!  Have a good day off?"  kind of basis.  

(They even have my permission to knock on the door and use the bathroom or get a drink if it's an 'emergency' type situation and they are in the middle of their route - we don't have any retail or food establishments for a couple miles surrounding our home... if they *need* to stop I've offered them our bathroom or even a cold drink).

FedEx hasn't had a regular driver with this 'route' in over a year.  ALWAYS different people.  Which is probably why it's so easy for them to steal packages, rifle through them and mis-deliver them.  There is no repercussion to their actions.  



I've just taken a sip of (now cold) coffee - yuck.  I did NOT intend on chatting about that lousy FedEx delivery company (again) but here we are.  Sorry.  I guess I just still have some 'venting' to get out of my system.

Let me go make some fresh HOT coffee and I'll see if I can come back and chat about... well, anything else.

You know me.  It's just the coffee talking again.......




Age check.... (and a bonus:  Remember the perfectly circular burn marks it left on your fingers as a small child  when you stupidly tried to touch it when it was red hot?)

I finally got 8 hours sleep.
It took me three days, but whatever.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes journalism.

Oh my... yes!  Ha ha.  When older men with beer bellies wear not only skinny jeans, but short shorts!

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