Calling out FedEx for being a piece of crap company with crap leadership: Frederick W. Smith, Raj Subramaniam, Mike Lenz, Robert B. Carter, Mark Allen and Jill Brannon

 Warning:  Venting over coffee... because I'm steamed.  (UPDATE AT BOTTOM)

FedEx used to be reputable.  They've gotten so bad in the past two years that our local city Facebook page has to have a regular feature of people asking who received their package that was marked 'delivered' - because the packages almost never arrive.

The delivery drivers LIE.  They know they can mark 'delivered' even if they just toss everything in a ditch or dumpster.

Delivery drivers in our area over the past year regularly open all the packages to see if there is anything worth stealing.  They don't even try to re-seal the boxes anymore.  They leave them ripped wide open and rifled through.

Employees in our large metro area were so awful last spring that they took away all routes from regular employees and hired all 'contracted' drivers that don't work for FedEx because their own employees were THAT awful.  (One of the awesome contracted delivery drivers that took over our route was very 'open' about the issues FedEx had in our city!).  Unfortunately they started to use their 'own' FedEx employees last Fall and the thieving and lies and 'lost' items started up again.

I've literally seen text alerts come through my phone saying it was delivered when I'm sitting at my office desk looking AT MY DRIVE WAY and no... no one showed up.  

FedEx was leaving all the packages in the street on our route - literally in the street.  Somewhere 'near' the person's drive but most were not only tossed into the street or left on the curb but many were opened first.

We have security cameras and I watched drivers slow down in front of my house at 8:pm and literally toss a package out the back of the white truck towards my driveway/mailbox area and drive off.

Delivery drivers will lie and put down 'delivered' and 'left on porch' to my neighbors that DO NOT HAVE PORCHES.  Etc. 

One evening I drove down our street coming home and counted 3 homes with fresh FOOD delivery (from Hello Fresh, etc.)  LEFT CURB SIDE.  Those neighbors might not even know they HAD a delivery, as some of homes are set back aways or have trees/bushes blocking the mailbox area and driveways.

On the local Facebook "HAS ANYONE RECEIVED A PACKAGE FROM FEDEX TODAY ADDRESSED TO...."  posts, we've had some people find their packages were delivered to homes 10 MILES AWAY.  

If you call customer service you'll get a non-English speaking rep who can only parrot replies they've learned to say or follow a script.  They will repeat "Yes. I will be happy to help you with your lost package."  50 times... but can't actually DO anything.

One time I had an honest customer service rep who admitted to me that even though they take our calls and SAY they will do a search on the lost package - and even give you a confirmation number - that the number doesn't really exist because they don't actually even look into most of the lost packages, and if they do, they won't even begin until it's been lost for 7 days.




This week I had a package that had been opened, rifled through, and taped back up again by FedEx.  Two items were smashed although apparently they did not want my sugar-free, low carb food items because they didn't actually steal anything this time.

Today I have a gift sent to us (Father's Day) that Fed Ex says was delivered at 3:00 pm.  

Except... we were home all day... NO FedEx delivery came at ALL and... we have two security cameras on at all times that show not only our house/front door and driveway but go all the way out to the street and fairly far out on both sides.  

FedEx did NOT attempt a delivery at all... but it's marked "delivered" and when I requested "proof of delivery" do you know what you get???

A piece of paper showing you the words "delivered" with the tracking and reference numbers... which you already have!!!  There is NO proof of delivery.  Zero.


THOUGHT:  The post office records the GPS coordinates of the scan when it's marked 'delivered' and Amazon drivers often snap a photo of the package sitting by the door/porch/garage etc. 


Give me the GPS coordinates of your 'delivered' scan if you trust your delivery drivers!!!  What do you have to hide?  

At least then I could track down my delivery!!!!

UPDATE:   I've spent all morning trying to track down WHAT this order was that was marked 'delivered' to our home.  

2 online chats and 1 phone call later I know it was a gift card that was sent to us by someone as a gift and that FEDEX marked it delivered, but of course our security cameras prove no FedEx even attempted to come to our house yesterday.

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