Good Morning Coffee Friends -

Admittedly I'm not in a mood to chat this morning, I'm busy but also happy to be busy, and want to ride the wave of energized motivation while I can. 



People that steal and lie are the lowest of low in my eyes.  Loved this meme;  got a new tv?  Put the old broken one in the new empty box and put it on the porch.  Porch pirates took the old broken tv... serves them right. 

Helping grandma with the remote controllers.... ha ha.

This one is only humorous because we are to the age where this is REAL.
My elderly father-in-law comes to mind.  Thankfully my husbands oldest sibling
went to visit him this past summer and spent a week helping clear out a lot of stuff in the house.
We still have the garage(s) so this meme made me cringe and smile at the same time!

"I don't always adjust my side mirrors, but when I do it's because
I'm trying to shine your high beams back into your douchebag face"

Sadly... this is so true.  LOL.
"I bet he wishes he had a hat."


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