Good Morning coffee friends!  Thanks for popping in to read the morning chit-chat over coffee.  

I have been attempting to do a morning Coffee Talking post for about 2 hours now but keep getting pulled in other directions.  Now, I've lost all train of thought and don't really have a topic in mind.

I've got no interest in 'coffee' themed talk of reviews, products, etc. so instead it will be a quick "random thoughts" post I think.

Here is where my head is at this morning:  Family reunion planning.  Not that we planned to host one; but we are.  We were kind of given the dates and the 'we already took the dates off from work and 'we're all coming' surprise text about 2 months ago.  I've managed to not think about it since then but it's only a couple weeks out so I need to start thinking about it.

We have extended family from 3 states coming; various towns/cities and as of this morning I just got an email that the headcount has increased by 3.  Two I kindof/sortof assumed but the last one is a 'surprise' guest.  A good thing - we are excited to see them - but it put me in the awkward position of emailing back to inquire about sleeping arrangements.  

So I believe I have the sleeping arrangements for a dozen adults sorted, head count increases by 3 and now I've got to get a menu finalized as well as thinking about what needs to be done before everyone comes.  

The surprise guests I found out about this morning makes a difference.  This is the couple that informed me during one family reunion weekend a couple years ago, that one of the pictures hanging on the wall of our family room was hanging about 1/2 inch off and was crooked so they straightened it for me.  And pointed out a spot on the deck that we had missed when we had repainted it earlier that year.  

Yep... you know the type.  ;)

Maybe this year I should just make a list of a few things we already know need to be fixed, repaired, organized, maintenanced or needs attention in some way, and tell them they are more than welcome to take care of it for us?

I have a cracked tile in the kitchen floor I'd love for them to feel compelled to fix for me if they can't stand to see it! 

Luckily they will be drinking heavily once the reunion gets underway and will be less likely to nitpick - or if they do, maybe they won't remember it.  



Now... off to figure out what all I'm going to accomplish today.  And... plan a reunion weekend menu, schedule and shopping list.

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