I'm late to the table for morning coffee but it's afternoon and I've just finished the last sip of my B-12 drink so....  let's just call it an afternoon Coffee Break and bring what you have.
This morning I saw this little post on social media and it caught my attention because it looks a lot like my grandfather and two of my Uncles.  (It isn't.) 
Jim Thorpe, participated in the 1912 Olympics in the Track and Field division, wearing two different shoes, one of which was too big for him.  He found them in the trash right before his competition - soon after his own shoes had been stolen.  He wore them; using an extra sock in one to help cushion the extra space.  He not only participated in his event, but went on to win two gold medals. 

I've had a dog just like this... except it was $250 damage in less than 30 minutes; the time it took me to run to the elementary school to pick up my kindergartener from school.  I literally couldn't go to the bathroom without him trying to eat through the door in the time it took me to pee.  This particular dog was adopted as an adult and unbeknownst to us had a lot of issues.  This "there was a spider"  "It's gone now" is funny... but not funny when you've had a dog like this! 


We've all seen guys (and women!) like this.... seriously.  Don't be this guy.

And if you can't tell what's wrong with this picture... then you ARE this guy.




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