I'm on my second espresso...  good morning.

While I debated which posts to actually publish after writing instead of re-thinking them and hitting 'delete' I've now wasted about 35 minutes and my alarm to be sure I'm in the bedroom getting dressed, with hair and makeup ready has gone off.

So... in the end, I've chatted about none of those topics. 

Instead I'll just leave you with some memes to glance over while you enjoy your morning coffee.

This morning has a theme I guess... ha ha.




Tell me more about how a virus can escape from a level 4 bio-lab but can't get past a mask with little duckies on it.....

The greatest weapon?  To control the information.

People aren't bothered by you not wearing a mask.
They're bothered that you are being disobedient.

Dude... if someone flying our country's flag triggers you - you need to move.